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Swell Stuff {beachy keen}

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In celebration of our vacation this week, here are some swell beachy things. Enjoy!

linen sea star sachet by Dear Harbor

anemone mermaid by BlaBla

one of Small Fry's favorites

by Squishy Sushi on Etsy

recycled Scrabble pendant by Squishy Sushi


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(taken by Bebe)

The best is yet to come

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Why is change so hard to accept?

Progress wouldn’t be possible without change, I know, but there are certain things that I wish would stay frozen forever.

Like my childhood home with the long driveway that snaked up the steep wooded hill. And my grandparents’ house tucked into the mountains, with orange shag carpet and Peter Rabbit prints covering the wood paneled walls. The basement room my sister and I shared there had a little window at ground level. I always imagined bears and deer and other wildlife would come pay us a visit.

My memories are intrinsically tied to places. That’s where they live. I still have dreams set in those places, distorted by elements of my current life.

So, today, when I pulled the car out from underneath our rental home here on the North Carolina coast, I couldn’t resist delaying my grocery run to hunt down some memories. This is my first visit back in two years.

Instead of turning toward the bridge to the mainland, I headed in the other direction, around the fancy new traffic circle, toward the place where I fell in love with M.

We had just started dating when he invited me to the beach with his family. I couldn’t believe it. This guy must like me if he wants me to meet his mother. I was right.

Since that week nine years ago, this beach has become part of my heart.

The dunes, the reeds along the waterway that change color with the seasons, the sun-bleached clapboard houses – even the quick-stop where M picks up bait and tide charts – hold some of the best memories of my life.

I can show you exactly where M knelt before me in the sand and asked me to marry him. Also, the parking lot where time stood still the night before our wedding, when the enormity of my good fortune bowled me over on our way into the rehearsal dinner. And, Sharky’s. My favorite place for fried shrimp and sweet tea.

It didn’t take long for the lump to form in my throat today.

I drove stalker-style past our old house. Crept along the skinny road that flooded so many years ago, nearly trapping my family on their way to meet my future in-laws. Crossed the bridge for what felt like the millionth time. Smiled at the prop planes sitting in wait on the local landing strip. Pulled over to stare at the little church we got married in.

But, man, so much change. Too much.

Condos are sprouting from pristine marshland like big ugly weeds. A forest near the bridge has vanished, replaced by a sprawling mega-grocery.  And, just a few miles down the road, another new shopping strip hulks over a scarred clearing.  

I was so glad to see a few landmarks untouched by time: the Galaxie roller-skating rink, the “full gospel” church with the peeling façade, the MovieMax where we used to rent (gasp) VHS videos. Hello, old friends.

By the time I eased the car back between the stilts under the house, I’d snapped out of my reverie. I can’t be a hypocrite. After all, I’ve change quite a bit since that first trip over the bridge.

I married the man of my dreams. Got laid off twice, then serendipitously landed the best job ever. Became a mom.

Climbing the stairs to all that’s waiting for me inside, I reconsider.

Maybe change isn’t so bad after all.

In anticipation of our travels

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Small Fry mesmerized by the ocean on her first beach trip, July 2008.

Operation cry it out: a success

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Victory. For now, at least.

I feel like I’m going to jinx us by typing these words, but Small Fry has slept through the night ALL WEEK. Each night, the crying at bedtime became less and less. Last night, she had stopped crying by the time I got downstairs and turned on the monitor. Whew.

My ultimate goal is that once Small Fry is placed into the crib, she rolls over, grabs her lovies, and calls it a night. With no crying.

Patience, patience.

I am SO grateful and happy that Operation CIO worked this week. And, I hope that by writing it here our little story will inspire other exhausted, desperate parents to give it a shot.

We head to the coast today for a long-awaited vacation with M’s family. Cannot. Wait.

I’ll be posting from the shore, thanks to the one and only WiFi “hotspot”/coffee shop I’ve been able to track down.

Now, to continue procrastinating packing.

Local foods = happy belly

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All this from the state farmer’s market for only $11. Awesome. Now, on to my new calling as a food stylist.

Swell Stuff {Etsy love}

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After I became pregnant with Small Fry, I tapped into the world of e-commerce like never before. There is SO much cool stuff out there for baby. And, well, for mama too.

Since I can’t afford to buy it all (M breathes a sigh of relief), I thought it’d be fun to “shop” and post stuff here that I think is swell.

Let’s start the series with a little Etsy love …

Livi Stitches

Lily knitting on Etsy

Lily knitting

How About Orange

How About Orange

jamjewelry designs



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If you live in the Triangle, be sure to check out Pullen Park. We had a ball there today. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve driven past that park almost every day for the last five years and have never stopped in.

Small Fry loved riding the train and watching the ducks in the pond. There’s also a beautiful turn-of-the-(last)-century carousel and a water ride where kids can sit in boats and ring the bells. Each is just a buck.

And if you don’t have kids, you can take a spin on the paddleboats and picnic under a tree. Lovely.

Postpartum depression on the Today Show

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The Today Show aired a really good segment this morning on postpartum depression. Check it out here.

I’m so glad to see the topic get air-time on mainstream television. Especially SIX whole minutes. That’s an eternity in the broadcast media world (says the woman who started her career begging local affiliates for 15 seconds of coverage for her clients).

I especially like this segment because it profiles a real mom. And, interestingly, the woman conducting the interview talks about being a PPD survivor. The medical professionals interviewed describe how important it is for healthcare providers to be more tuned in to new moms. Since this isn’t exactly the case right now, I can’t say enough how important it is to tell your doctor if you’re feeling like something is just not right. I coasted through my six-week postpartum visit with a smile on my face, when really I could barely get one foot in front of the other.

The segment ends with a nugget of truth that I lived by: postpartum depression doesn’t last forever. You will get better.

(Thanks, sis, for passing this along).

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