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08/11/2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in Motherhood, PPD, Thinking | 3 Comments
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It’s official. I’m blogging. Finally.

Coming up with a name for this blog was tougher than I imagined. I had no idea there were thousands (tens of thousands?) of mommy blogs. And, dang, all of the names I thought up — and believed to be terribly clever of course — had been taken. This process has been pretty discouraging, and I’m only six sentences in. Patience.

But, here I am: pretty*swell.

Why pretty*swell? One of the biggest reasons I’m starting this blog is for all of the free therapy I’ll get from writing  and — eventually, I hope — connecting with other new moms. Post-partum depression smacked me over the head after I gave birth to my daughter last year, and it’s taken me longer than I’d wished to really fall in love with motherhood.

I’m head over heels now. But, I still have  my moments. Like when she won’t sleep. Or when we’re stuck in the car for a really long time and all of my singing and dancing (on my head) isn’t working. Or, like yesterday, when I got baby poo under my fingernails.

But swimming underneath all of the frustration and moments of total insanity are these beautiful little glimmers of hope and happiness.

My life IS pretty swell.

I’m psyched about this blog. Also eager to join the mommy blogosphere.  Here goes nothing.



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  1. Welcome! I’m also a new mom and a new blogger. I know what you mean about transitioning as a new parent: It is SO difficult and SO worth it at the same time. I am glad you are enjoying it much more now 🙂

    • Wow — my first comment! Thanks so much for writing!!

      • No problem! It is great to find a blog you can follow from the very beginning. You wrote my first comment also 🙂

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