Roadside religion

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You know you’re in the Bible Belt when inanimate objects preach about being saved. I have a thing for these signs. They’re everywhere. And they almost always admonish to clean up your act or else. They make me chuckle. And now I’m going to hell for this post.

She’s a clever one

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Lunch today: Small Fry, in the middle of eating, sticks her finger up her nose. Way up.

I freeze, wondering, when do we start teaching her that it’s not appropriate to explore the inside of your nose in front of others. I mean, it’s just the two of us in our kitchen, so I should let her, right?  But then again, I figure it’s never too early to learn good manners. So, after all of this deliberation (which took about 12 seconds), I say something along the lines of, “let’s not do that.”

And what happened after that sentence parted my lips is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen this baby do.

Maintaining eye contact with me, Small Fry removes her finger from her nose, then slowly, very slowly (while continuing the death stare), plunges the same finger, crusty with food and probably boogers, into her ear and holds it there.

As if to say, ha. I’ll show you lady.


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Predicting postpartum depression?

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Is it possible to predict postpartum depression?  This article in U.S. News & World Report says that Spanish researchers have developed models that could do it.

I’m skeptical.

Of course, there are risk factors to look for, like a family history of depression. But to be able to predict what will happen to a woman after she gives birth seems too unreal, what with the hormone roller-coaster and other stuff (like sore boobs and surprise visitors) that isn’t easy to quantify in a scientific study.

At the same time, though, this research could result in better screening of pregnant women and new moms. Not to mention, raise awareness of an issue that really shouldn’t be taboo.

I’m encouraged. And hopeful that it will lead to good things for women’s health.

Swell Stuff {for the foodies}

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I love to eat.

There are few things finer than a really good meal. And now that fall is here, I can’t wait to pick out fresh apples and sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market and cook ’em up.

Here are some of my favorite food finds from right here in North Carolina. And one irresistible discovery from Ohio. You can thank me later.

Foster's Market

Foster's Market

A Southern Season

A Southern Season

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Crook's Corner

Crook's Corner

The best catch

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M celebrates his 34th birthday today.

We were born 12 days apart. I get a secret thrill thinking that just a couple of weeks after I came into the world, he was born in a city only an hour away. Wonder if our paths ever crossed before we met? SO glad we found each other.

Okay, enough mush.

Love you, baby. Happy birthday!!

Makes me smile

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I’m a huge Beyonce fan. But you don’t have to be to love this video (thanks, S, for sending my way):

Number seven

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It’s been a monumental couple of days for Small Fry.

First, she ate PEAS. Willingly. I’m still in shock.

Like any parents hell bent on getting their kid to eat healthy, M and I have been pushing vegetables since we cracked open that first jar of baby food more than a year ago. Small Fry liked the sweet stuff instantly and even developed a bit of an orange nose, which I thought was an old wives’ tale, but learned otherwise after seeing photos of her from the sweet potato/carrot era.

We disguise the green stuff any way we can. But she deftly extracts the offenders, especially peas, from each bite. She pushes them out with her tongue and happily eats the rest of her food with pea hulls or green bean shards stuck to her chin.

After the first failed attempt at peas, we tried again. And again and again. Going on 13 months now.

Until miracle of all miracles happened. All it took was an appeal to her copycat tendencies.

Small Fry’s grandfather ate peas in front of her, telling her how good they were, showing her each bite. Before we knew it, she’d picked one up and popped it into her mouth. Then it became a contest with Papa, and she began to shovel them in with her spoon. She even asked for MORE.

Crazy, right?

Then, to top off the Great Pea Victory, I discovered that Small Fry has FINALLY cut another tooth.

For months, she’s had six teeth: two on bottom and four on top. They’ve been so slow to come in. Seriously slow. She’ll have these intermittant spells where the drool flows and her fingers are jammed in her mouth. Then nothing.

I’ve been trying to hide my panic. Seeing other kids her age with nearly full sets is disconcerting. Even her doctor suggested that we consider visiting a dentist to see what’s up with the missing teeth. Nice.

But, here it is. Finally. A tiny sliver of white punctuating Small Fry’s gummy grin. A third wheel for the solitary pair partying on the bottom deck.

Welcome number seven! So glad you’re here.

Off to a good start

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Five things that made my weekend happy:

  1. Mexican food and margaritas
  2. The nice lady at the grocery store who always greets me like an old friend and asks how my “lovely” (Small Fry) is doing
  3. Sunday football with M snoring on the couch
  4. Playing Apples to Apples with my family (I heart word games. And competition.)
  5. Small Fry cackling as she draped a washcloth over the dog’s head. Again and again and again.

Bring it on, Monday. I’m ready for you.

Mama please stop taking my picture

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