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I can’t believe I didn’t discover this awesome blog sooner: Postpartum Progress.

Duh. I’m a newbie blogger. That’s my excuse.

Talk about a wonderful resource for new moms. Postpartum Progress is packed with reliable, research-based information and interesting features. I especially like the “Surviving and Thriving Mothers Photo Album,” loaded with stories of women who’ve survived PPD.

When I struggled with PPD, hearing from survivor moms was a HUGE piece of my recovery. Shoot, even sitting beside them in the same room made me believe that once again, I’d feel normal. They gave me hope.

I’ve been following a new mom, Jane, who writes for His Boys Can Swim. She’s in the thick of postpartum depression and is bravely blogging about it. Go Jane. She recently worked up the courage to seek professional help and had a terrible experience. Read about it here. The good news is that she found another therapist who sounds like a much better fit. I’m waiting eagerly for that post.

Katherine Stone at Postpartum Progress wrote this great piece about Jane’s experience. She wraps it up with a really helpful list of qualities that good specialists will have.

It was difficult for me to find a therapist I could afford who specialized in postpartum depression. I met with a “general” therapist for a few months, then quit. I liked him a lot, but I just wasn’t getting what I needed.

I really admire Jane for pounding the pavement and getting the help she deserves. And, with such great resources as Postpartum Progress out there, I’m hopeful that more and more women suffering from PPD will follow her lead.


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out!!

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