Rock and the not-so-haunted house

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(This is the final installment of the “Whole Lotta Loony” series chronicling the adventures of your Deep-Fried Ambassador and Deputy Deep-Fried at the North Carolina State Fair.)

I’ve saved the best for last. His name is Rock.

But more on him in just a bit.

Delirious from all the sugar, caffeine and fry oil pulsing through our veins, the Deputy and I practically skipped down to the rides. So you’d figure that we’d try some wild, gravity-defying toss-you-til-you-hurl ride, right?

Y’all, I couldn’t work up the nerve. I stood and watched those rides, but my heart — and stomach — just said no.

Enter the Haunted Mansion.

I’ve never been inside a haunted house, so I figure, hey this counts as the “scary ride” on the deep-fried list. The Deputy and I bought four tickets each and climbed into our cart. We were the ONLY ones on the ride. Yikes.

I had visions of creepy people trying to scare us by jumping into our laps. Two girls. By ourselves. In the pitch black. Not so smart, I began to think, as our cart jerked to life and crept slowly into the darkness.

Even though there wasn’t a single live person waiting behind a corner to scare us, I didn’t release my death-grip on the Deputy’s coat sleeve until our cart rammed through the doors, delivering us back into the bright noise of the fair.

The darkness was the scariest thing. Not knowing what’s coming next. But, really, most of it was just plain funny.

Here’s a revealing shot from inside the ride. You saw it here first.

Giddy from our not-so-haunted house experience, the Deputy and I set out to tackle the final item on the deep-fried list. What better way to commemorate our adventure than with a rainbow-colored air-brushed hat?

You know you’re jealous.

After pricing a few of the airbrush vendors, we settled on Rock’s Airbrushing. They had the best prices and the most patient, helpful staff on the strip. Amanda came out from behind the booth to help us settle on our choices. Who knew there were so many? Hat color, background paint color, lettering, image or no image ($3 extra).

After lots of deliberation (again, thanks Amanda), we finally settled on white hats, rainbow background color and a star image like our badges. “Deep Fried” for me. And, well, “Deputy” for the Deputy.

Rock got to work creating our masterpieces.

He even added a sparkly coat of glitter! Fun!

And he graciously obliged to having his picture taken, grabbing a hat of his own to complete the shot. We heart Rock!

Exhausted and hoarse from all the laughing, the Deputy and I began our trek to the car. With one teensy-weensy pit stop at the mini-donut stand. No judgment.

What an adventure!

Deputy, you made me proud. Your good humor, willingness to try ANYTHING and fried-food-eating skillz are commendable. Thank you for being my right-hand woman.



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  1. Well done, Ambassador! I had a great time. Thanks for asking me to join you!

  2. Hilarious!!!

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