Can I get a piece of lettuce?

10/26/2009 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Deep-Fried Ambassador | 5 Comments
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This is my final post as your Deep-Fried State Fair Ambassador. Sniff.

I have lived and breathed the North Carolina State Fair for two weeks and loved every minute of it. I traversed practically every square inch of the fairgrounds, tried all sorts of new things, ate 50 pounds of chocolate-covered bacon and conquered a few fears along the way.

If I could hug the fair, I would.

Although my deep-fried reign has come to an end, the memories (not unlike the weight I’ve gained) will last a lifetime.

On top of the stuff I’ve already written about, I also milked a cow:

(photo by Mom)

Watched a master scissor artist at work:

And did I mention I rode this:

Best of all was experiencing the fair with Small Fry. Seeing it through her eyes. Pure joy.

Being the fair’s Deep-Fried Ambassador was the best job ever. Thank you for reading. And, special thanks to the awesome State Fair folks for the opportunity. Mad props to the press office for an outstanding job promoting the fair through social media. This year’s attendance broke the record by nearly 19,000!

But, it’s time to pull pretty*swell out of the deep fryer and charge ahead. Be on the lookout for two new features that will launch soon. I’m really excited about both of them, and I think you will be too.

In the meantime, click the image below for a few more of my photos from the 2009 North Carolina State Fair. And, tell me, what did you enjoy most about this year’s fair? Did you try the bacon?



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  1. You did a great job as the deep fried ambassador.

    My favorite things at the fair are always corn dogs, All American Fudge Company fudge, funnel cakes, people watching and concerts at the Dorton Arena.

  2. What an awesome gig you had! Cue the sappy mom music but my favorite part of the fair was seeing my 2-year-old’s face as he rode on the kiddy rides. He was so darn happy I couldn’t stand it! Between that and the deep-fried Milky Way (my 1st DF candy bar ever), it was worth trudging through the crowds on a cold and rainy Sunday morning!

  3. LOVED your fair adventures! Shout-out to the Animal Science Club @ NCSU for the milking booth – loved my days helping out!

  4. You did such a great job as the Deep-Fried Ambassador!

    My visit to the fair this year was WAY too short: no lovely NC crafts, and no chocolate-covered bacon 😦 … but I did ride those amazing swings! I think they were my favorite ride of all.

  5. […] (a big interest of mine) to food (an even bigger interest, as you well know from my dip in the State Fair deep fryer last […]

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