Who needs turkey when you have beer and cheese?

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This photo of my brother-in-law was supposed to go into my Thanksgiving post, but somehow I left it out. Which I can’t believe, because this shot is one of my favorites. Second only to the one of Small Fry picking her nose.

I’m not the only one excited about a certain holiday

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Laura just called to tell me all about Oprah’s holiday extravaganza (pronounced, according to Oprah, ex-tra-va-GON-za), airing right now. And you know what? I’m not sad to be missing out. Because the other week when Oprah announced her retirement, I set the DVR to grab a whole year’s worth of her shows. Genius!

And now M will do his happy dance. Or barf. It’s a toss-up.

Daily Etsy

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Felt! Christmas! Yay!

From the Etsy holiday gift guide:

Felt Christmas tree from JaneSays

Still too early?

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Okay, so now that December is just one day away, can I please, please stop trying to hide my ridiculously enormous excitement over Christmas? Please?

If I could find a way to stream Bing Crosby on this here blog, I’d do it.

Yeah, I always love Christmas, but this year, I’m pretty jacked up. I suspect it has something to do with my wee one. It’s not Small Fry’s first Christmas, but it sure feels like it.

Last year, I covered her in head-to-toe “Baby’s First Christmas” gear and plopped her in front of the tree, but all she really cared about were the shiny paper and sticky tape. She went to bed before our family’s rousing rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and she couldn’t eat the treats we baked. December 25th was just another day.

But this year? This year, she’s aware. We’re reading books about Santa and Rudolph, and she understands (I think) that she’ll be getting presents from this jolly guy with a white beard. Although, she thinks Santa says “boo.”  A holdover from our Halloween book-reading.

And she loves opening presents. She’s been front and center at all of our family birthday celebrations this year, helping tear into the gifts.

But most important, she delights in being with her family. She adores her cousin O and her aunts and uncle and grandparents. She was positively giddy on Thanksgiving day, when everyone gathered at our house.

I know Christmas will blow her mind.

So why not start celebrating right this minute?

P.S. This post is directed almost entirely toward my husband (love you, M). Please help me convince him that people actually celebrate the holiday before Dec. 25! Also, if you need help getting in the mood, check out this awesome holiday gift guide. Because it’s all about presents, right?

Before and after

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Thankful, part two

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Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. And I’m not just talking about the mac and cheese.

M and I usually split the holiday between our two families, but this year, everyone was able to come together at our home. Small Fry was beside herself. All of her favorite people in one place.

Our dining room is now a playroom, so we all crammed around the kitchen table. It was perfect.

Here’s a look at our day. Hope yours was fantastic!

Very afraid of what I'd find. Sorry, turkey.

Laura working on sweet potato biscuits.

Small Fry with her Papa (my dad).

Mom vs. the bird. Mom wins.

Our table.

Thankful tokens: my little art project with Small Fry.

M and his mom sing the blessing.

That biscuit is the only thing she ate. Oh well.

My view.


M's sister and her pooch.

Baby O!



Little birdie

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Home for the Holidays

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This one of my all-time favorite holiday movies. We try to watch it every year at Thanksgiving. This recording is shoddy, but it’s apparently the only one that exists on the Web. You’ll get the idea.

And, I guarantee you’ll be able to relate to at least one of the characters. Aunt Gladdie, no?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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