New year, new goals

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In addition to the usual big stuff (worry less, be kinder and more patient), here are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Read (books, not magazines).
2. Take my vitamins.
3. Walk at least three times a week.
4. Finish Small Fry’s first-year scrapbook.
5. Stretch every day.

What are your resolutions? I’d love to see. Share in the comments if you’d like.

Happy new year!

And heaven and nature sing

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A lesson in patience

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By Christmas Eve, Small Fry seemed to understand that Santa Claus was coming to bring her presents. But the next morning when I grabbed her out of her crib and headed for the door (I was a little excited), she wanted to play in her room. I thought for sure that the lure of presents under the tree would change her little mind. Not so much. So we spent about 45 agonizing minutes in her room playing. Did I mention I was more excited for this Christmas than any other I can remember?

Finally, she was ready to go. But first, she wanted to change clothes. And pick up her toys. GAH.

Bella tumbled down the stairs ahead of us and dove straight for the tree. She had one of her gifts unwrapped before we even got into the room.Yes, the dog opens her own presents. Makes me quite proud.

Small Fry looked curiously at the little pile of gifts under the tree, and almost cautiously, she picked up her stocking. Let’s just say that she is a very meticulous gift-opener. Marc had to hold me back from opening them for her. She refused to open the last two, carrying them with her to the breakfast table. Killing me!

But enough about me and my lack of will power (gifts to open! come on!). We had such a wonderful holiday. We spent the afternoon with my family, then drove the next morning to spend the weekend with Marc’s mom and sister. Small Fry got the hang of the present-opening thing. Although not quite with the same zeal as mommy.


Letter to an old friend

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Dear Sleep,

I miss you. When Small Fry was born a couple of years ago, you split. After about six months, you came back. But you were scarce. Where have you been?

Are you lounging on the white sands of an exotic beach? Or maybe lying low in Paris, sipping coffee and enjoying long drags on a cigarette?

Please come back.

We used to be constant companions. I could always count on you to restore me after a long night of studying/partying/restless tossing and turning. You were there, waiting. And when my head finally hit the pillow, you enveloped me in hours and hours of unconscious peace.

I know it must suck to have a baby’s cries constantly interrupting your hard work, but I really could use you. We all could.

Perhaps you’ll join me for a nap this afternoon?

I’ll fluff the pillows.

Yours very truly,

The aftermath

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Swell Stuff {handmade holiday}

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I’ve been so excited to show you the handmade gifts I gave this Christmas. Also added in some of the wonderful gifts I received. Lucky me!

Felt fruit for Small Fry (by Softie Cafe).

Headphones tee by Gnome Enterprises (picked this up in NY for my brother-in-law).

Laura made me this clutch! Isn't it beautiful?

Business card holder also made by Laura! She surprised me and had custom cards made for pretty*swell. So now I'm all official and stuff ... for the next time I'm called upon to blog about fried food and chocolate-covered bacon. Important business, you know. Cards by Bean Sprout Studio.

Alphabet and number blocks for baby O. They also have a full picture puzzle on one side (by lily and lou).

Gorgeous flower pins from my mother-in-law (by Nomsa).

Beautiful, modern photo album from Mom for Small Fry's one-year portraits (by ruby love designs). Ours has a similar color scheme as the one shown here. Love!

Lovely earrings from my sister-in-law, brought back from her travels to Australia (by Kyeta).

Too cute! Brown owl hat for my favorite neice, O. (By Naturally Crafty).

Gave one of these cute wristlets in a similar pattern to my mother-in-law. (By Nicole Lee Designs, one of the artists I met at the Handmade Market in Raleigh).


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In the raw

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Snapped this at the farmer’s market just before Christmas. The vendor was making the most beautiful wreaths out of cotton on the stalk, magnolia leaves and fresh holly. Photos of our holiday coming soon!

Universal truth

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How is it that motherhood can be equally frustrating and rewarding? Mind-numbing and exhilarating at the EXACT same time?

Nothing else in my life supplies both ends of the spectrum so fluidly. It must be a survival mechanism. Just when I feel like I’m going to pull out every hair on my head, Small Fry smiles and tells me she loves me or flings herself around my legs in a big hug. Without fail, her sweet words or hilarity stop me in my tracks. Frustration and anger evaporate. Just like that.

Until, of course, she throws a tantrum ten minutes later.

It’s a perpetual give-and-take. My moods swing harder now than when I was pregnant. And they seem more palpable. As if I could jump out of my skin (bad) or that my heart might explode (good).

Where’s all this coming from?  I’m not drunk (although a glass of wine is in my near future). Just loopy with the sleep-deprivation, fear and self-doubt that come with having a sick child. What we thought was a simple cold could be just that. But Small Fry continues to cough. And she’s having a hard time sleeping. M and I sprinted a relay last night, moving her from crib to bed to crib until finally, at 3 a.m., she settled down.

Thank God this morning that my mother- and sister-in-law took care of Small Fry when she woke. Because I could hardly move. Sleeping those three extra hours (in a row) was heaven.

We head home tomorrow and straight to the pediatrician’s office, where he’ll probably tell me that it’s just a cold and all this worry was for naught. Which likely will make me want to crawl into a corner and cry.

Until the universe intervenes and Small Fry says or does something irresistably tender.

Give and take, right?

(We had an awesome Christmas. Once this fog lifts, I’ll collect myself and tell you all about it. And post about a million photos. Hope yours was wonderful, too!)

Feliz Navidad and boo!

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Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

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