Interpreting toddler speak

12/03/2009 at 10:15 am | Posted in Small Fry | 4 Comments

Pay yewos = I want to play with my hair bows/clips/bands.

Make piyus = Make piles. (See above.)

Poopies = I’ve just crapped my diaper.

Peesy pees pees = Please

Tain doon = Thank you

Cimus comeen = Christmas is coming! (I’m pretty sure she thinks Christmas is a person. Working on this.)

Momeeeee!! = I need/want/must have you by my side right this minute and hurry up. Now.



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  1. And cheering on Green Bay!

    • How could I have forgotten that one? Go-b-gay! Yay! (Already a leg up on her impending diversity training. That’s my girl!)

  2. This is too cute!

  3. Now you tell me. I needed this dictionary 2 weeks ago. Then I would not have had to call M in a panic. How about posting it next to the Small Fry Menu options?

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