Silence is golden?

12/04/2009 at 2:23 pm | Posted in PPD | 1 Comment

Last night I helped facilitate a meeting of the support group that played a HUGE role in my recovery from postpartum depression. It was my second time, and I realized a couple of startling things about myself in that room.

For starters, being in the company of those women was oddly comforting. I expected to feel sad by the living examples of memories I’m working hard to move beyond. But instead, hearing their stories and talking with them was healing. 

Also, I learned how very difficult silence is for me. Seriously, each time the conversation hit a lull, I practically jumped out of my chair to get it started again. I’ve never been good at sitting contentedly in silence. It’s taken me years to appreciate it. M, who is the most laid-back man-of-few-words I’ve ever known, has helped show me the way. Also, having a baby opened my eyes to how wonderfully peaceful silence can be.

But last night, I could barely stand it. Thirty seconds felt like an eternity, especially with the sound of the clock ticking in the background. So, I clobbered that silence any chance I got. And, by doing so, I’m afraid I stole moments of peace from the others, or heaven forbid, the opportunity for someone else to speak.

Next time, at front and center of my mind will be this lesson:

There is beauty in silence. Just listen. 

(If you’re in or near the Triangle area and think that you might be experiencing a postpartum mood disorder, please come check out a Moms Supporting Moms meeting. I promise not to talk your ear off.)


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  1. thanks again for being part of our group! i learn something new every time 🙂

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