22 months

12/07/2009 at 10:54 pm | Posted in Small Fry | 3 Comments

Last week at the PPD support group meeting I helped facilitate, I sat beside a woman with a four-month-old baby. So tiny and sweet and sleepy. And immobile. And making the cutest little sounds you ever heard.

After my biological clock finished exploding, I sat there and finally gave in to a truth I’ve been working hard to ignore. Small Fry is most definitely not a baby anymore.

For starters, she weighs 29 pounds. She can run, sing, dance, clap and be silly. She counts to 14 all by herself, and her vocabulary expands by the minute. She also is learning how to manipulate her mommy and seems to understand exactly how to appeal to my sense of guilt. She is part Italian, after all.

I constantly want to scoop her up into a big hug and smother her with kisses. So I do.

She surprises me with what she knows. She’ll recite a phrase from a book, or sing part of a song, or identify something I had no idea she knew, like the yak on her little animal cards. Yes, a yak. We’re teaching her the important stuff.

She also chooses her clothes (any form of denim or corduroy, apparently, is torture) and likes to put on her shoes.

Her memory is fascinating. She pulls stuff out of nowhere — people’s names, places we’ve been, something she ate like two months ago.

And she gives real hugs and kisses now, with extra lip smacks for emphasis.

So I guess I need to suck it up and admit what’s happening before my eyes.

My baby is becoming a little girl.



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  1. it’s been awesome watching her grow up 🙂 LOVE the Italian reference…I can SO relate 🙂

  2. Of course, she is the brightest star in my world. Sooooooo smart. All the better to trick her mommy and daddy.

  3. yay for counting to 14! She is growing so fast 🙂 Happy 22 months, Small Fry!!

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