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12/14/2009 at 6:03 pm | Posted in Reading | 1 Comment

I was skimming my Twitter feed this afternoon when this sentence jumped off the screen and smacked me in the face: “The husband of Michelle Young, a Wake County woman killed in her home 3 years ago, has been charged with murder.”

My breath caught in my throat and goosebumps instantly covered my arms. I had to shut my office door to collect myself.

I’ve followed this story closely, and I’m just stunned that, finally, an arrest has been made. Michelle Young had a two-year-old daughter at the time, who allegedly witnessed the brutal murder of her own mother. Michelle also was 20 weeks pregnant.

I just can’t comprehend this. Especially now, as a mother, I simply cannot wrap my brain around it. Why would someone do this? How could he or she (or they) do it?

It seems that the entire city of Raleigh has been grieving this tragedy for the last three years. I still see handmade signs around town offering reward money for information involving the case. But, as so much time passed, I began to wonder why no arrest had been made.

Finally. Today.

I pray that no matter what happens with this trial, Michelle’s family, especially her little girl, will be able to find peace.

(Click here for the full story.)


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  1. I am not familiar with this case but it is stunning to me the rates of violence against women. I am really disturbed that murder is one of the leading causes of death for pregnant woman. What is wrong with humanity?

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