Laughing all the way

12/16/2009 at 6:20 pm | Posted in Bloggy, Everything else | 18 Comments
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Ho! Ho! Ho! Or, “boo!” as Small Fry would say.

Here’s a little gift, from me to you.

I’m so grateful to have readers. Real, live blog readers. And the hits aren’t all coming from my mom (although I’m grateful for those, too).

So I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a little holiday surprise for you. Other bloggers I admire have been giving stuff away left and right. Xboxes, beauty products, Coach bags, art. But since I’m not making millions off this little ol’ blog (yet), I must aim lower.

What better holiday treat than a little self-deprecation?

While M scoured the attic for Christmas decorations, he uncovered a treasure trove of my old photo albums and memory boxes (I keep EVERYTHING).

For the next week, I’ll delight you each day with wonderfully awful photos, long-forgotten love notes, and if you’re extra good, a scorching diary entry or two from my ‘tween years.

Let the fun begin! And, hey, thanks again for helping me lift pretty*swell off the ground. Can’t wait to see where it takes us!

The shoulder pads. The eyebrows. The bangs, blown under just so. You know you're jealous. (circa 1992)



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  1. I swear that you and Aunt A are sisters. Your eyebrows were just as beautiful as hers – and I do mean beautiful – really – seriously 🙂

  2. Was that a plant behind your head or is ALL of that your hair?

    • Let’s hope it was a plant! ha!

  3. Awesome pic! Kind of reminds me of Designing Women.

    • Oh lord! Which character would I be? 🙂

      • Why Suzanne Sugarbaker, of course!

  4. What I love most is that it shows the cultural differences. You are definately a southern girl. At least you looked clean. Cause in ’92 I was dressing all grunge. Oh, it was so hideous.

    • Ha! The closest I got to grunge was a couple of plaid flannel shirts and some leggings. That look lasted about one week. 🙂

  5. Sendin’ a shout out to the shoulder pads! Woop woop!

    • Holla that!

  6. He he. Great find!!

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