My Five Nursery Essentials

12/21/2009 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Belly to Butterfly | Leave a comment

(This is part of the Belly to Butterfly series, written by my sis Laura.)

1. Water bottle: Nursing and doing my swaying lunges (employed when O was really exercising her lungs!) made me really, really thirsty.

2. Tissues: These help with an assortment of tasks…blowing one’s nose (nursing also makes my nose runny), having a place to shoot out O’s boogers when using the nasal aspirator (don’t get me started on that thing… slightly addicted!), using in combination with #1 to clean up O’s face after failed attempts at keeping medicine in her mouth, and in the early days, when the late nights brought tears (my own) they were there for me.

3.  Bulletin boards: I painted them, added fabric and stuck on all kinds of happiness (a picture of C and I on vacation, little owl cards that have well wishes written on the back from my baby shower, inspirational notes like “marry yourself first” and a glittery purple shooting star given to me by my mom.)  Not only do these items make me smile but they became a game. Those nights (hmm, actually, all the nights before O reached about 3 months) when she would take a while to go down, I’d keep my mind occupied (and off the fact that I wasn’t sleeping) by closing my eyes and trying to list off all the items on one of the boards. Desperate times my friends!

4. Wall decals: I am in love with Blik! C and I went with the woodland creatures in the Wee Gallery and placed them ever so carefully (C’s a Virgo…enough said) above O’s crib. O loves them too! I often catch her in her crib just warbling away at the deer, having a good ol’ time.

5. Mirror: I’m a visual learner and sometimes I have to see something to really believe it exists (okay, except for Santa…presents are all the proof I need). When I was having one of those nights where I was sure there must be a mix-up; I can’t possibly be a mom! I would look in the mirror and see myself holding O. Even with the unshowered hair, the puffy eyes and crying baby, I saw that it was true and felt a little renewed.


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