Letter to an old friend

12/30/2009 at 8:54 am | Posted in Motherhood | 2 Comments
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Dear Sleep,

I miss you. When Small Fry was born a couple of years ago, you split. After about six months, you came back. But you were scarce. Where have you been?

Are you lounging on the white sands of an exotic beach? Or maybe lying low in Paris, sipping coffee and enjoying long drags on a cigarette?

Please come back.

We used to be constant companions. I could always count on you to restore me after a long night of studying/partying/restless tossing and turning. You were there, waiting. And when my head finally hit the pillow, you enveloped me in hours and hours of unconscious peace.

I know it must suck to have a baby’s cries constantly interrupting your hard work, but I really could use you. We all could.

Perhaps you’ll join me for a nap this afternoon?

I’ll fluff the pillows.

Yours very truly,



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  1. As you know, I relate. I miss you too, sleep. I hope to share some quality time with you in a few years.

  2. It probably won’t help you any to tell you DS is almost 3 and I still feel like that! Here’s to 2010… oh wait, baby #2 is coming then. 2012 anyone?

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