Snow in Raleigh? Say it ain’t so!

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Let me explain my excitement. “Winter weather” in Raleigh usually means ice. We specialize in freezing rain and sleet. The stuff that wreaks havoc on tree limbs and power lines. So to get a good snow is cause for celebration (and mass exodus to the bread aisle at the grocery store). This wasn’t Small Fry’s first snow, but it sure felt like it. All new and fresh.

I couldn’t wait to take her out, so we braved the residual sleet (see?) on Saturday to enjoy the snow before an icy crust formed on top. Tentatively taking her first steps, she kept saying, “Mommy listen” to the sound of it crunching under her boots. While Bella sprinted laps around us, we made our way out into the yard.

Then, because I’d been talking about them all morning, Small Fry began the hunt for snowmen and snowballs. They’re just supposed to appear, right?

We also spent a lot of time in front of the fire. Shoveling snow — and maniacal running — are exhausting.  

And, man, Small Fry tore it up on the sledding hill. She held her own with the big kids. M and I tried to ride with her, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Wanted to go all by herself. My brave girl!

Snow baby

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Going, going, gone

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Finger food

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(photo by Laura)

What you’re doing matters

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Just came across this AWESOME video via @designmom. Written and produced by Katherine Center. Beautiful. Powerful. Just watch:

Daily Handmade

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"Tweetheart" pendant by ZephyrWoods


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Every morning on my way to work, I drive through one of the worst intersections in Raleigh (for you townies, I’m talking about Glenwood/Leadmine at Crabtree). And just about every week, I see an accident.

This morning was my turn.

It was just a fender-bender, and it was NOT my fault (whew), but it still scared the crap out of me.

There are a gazillion lanes that spill out from Leadmine onto Glenwood, so someone always seems to get confused.

Go right? Go left? Straight?


I saw it happening — a couple of cars in front of me, someone swerved out of the turn lane to cram into the straight lane. I stopped in plenty of time, but the girl behind me didn’t.

This is where the story gets funny. I completely panicked. Froze. I was smack in the middle of one of the city’s biggest intersections, blocking traffic, and had no idea what to do. Move the car? Stay put? Get out and see if the other driver is okay? I burst into tears and called M. He — the sane one of the two of us — called 911.

By the time the officer arrived, I’d calmed down, moved the car and chatted with the other driver. Her hood crumpled like an accordion, but the damage on our car is barely visible. She blabbered about how it’d been her third accident in a year and apologized profusely. Then she told all that to the officer while I cringed.

I’m fine, but my nerves are still rattled.

Thanks for letting me vent, Internet. Who knew you’d be such a great counselor?


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Swell Stuff {rock on}

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This week’s Swell Stuff is all about music. Because I just finished watching American Idol. No, really. Something even bigger happened this evening in our little world. More exciting than lying on the couch and laughing at really awful singers with delusions of grandeur? YES. Small Fry sang “Frere Jacques” to me at bedtime. I’ve been singing her that tune, with a few homemade verses, in my very non-French accent, since she was days old. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to hear her little voice sing those words, all cute and muddled, back to me. Too good to be true.

By lowleepop

By Lisa's Pieces

By Yee-Haw Industries

By Dowdy Studio

By barking bird art


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