A shot in the arm

01/07/2010 at 11:01 am | Posted in Family, I take too many pictures | 5 Comments

I’m in the thick of a really crappy week and in big need of a smile today (or a glass of wine, whichever comes first). That’s why seeing these photos in my e-mail at work this morning almost made me cry. To say they brightened my day is an understatement. Thanks, sis. Perfect timing.

With my irresistable niece, baby O.

And Sandwich, my fur nephew.

(Photos by Laura)



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  1. you look amazing!

  2. OMG –I can’t believe you and sandwich. He must be in need of some lovin with all the attention on baby o. :)–glad you had a photo because I wouldn’t have believed the attack cat could look so sweet and innocent. Great photos! –O has the cutest smile!

    • I didn’t move a muscle. Just let him knead my belly and settle in. After I relaxed, the purring actually became quite funny.

  3. Hmm, two very different expressions on my little ones…but they both love them some Aunt San. Hang in there sis…a glass of wine and some snow angels with Small Fry are just around the bend!

  4. That might’ve been the only 10 minutes that whole day sandwich wasn’t being a pain in the ars (the 5 minutes after breakfast and the 5 minutes after dinner)!! Great photo’s!

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