23 months

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Mom of the Year update: I forgot to post about Small Fry hitting 23 months yesterday. Usually, realizing it’s the seventh day of the month causes me to pause and smile. But yesterday just slipped right by. I even managed to post about Elvis’ birthday on time. Totally taking gold in the Mom Olympics this week.

So, Small Fry is 23 months and one day old. She continues to rock my world, but in a really good way. I keep thinking “this age is such fun,” but then she goes and says something wacky or starts twirling in the middle of the room, and my new favorite age is quickly replaced by yet another.

She’s started to call us “mom” and “dad” now. As in, “here go, mom, here go” when she’s handing me something. Or, “see, mom, see” when she’s pointing something out, usually from the back seat of the car. My favorite though is our new bedtime ritual. After brushing teeth, she stands at the top of the stairs and yells, “dad, where are you, come here!”

Of course, we’re still “mommy” and “daddy” most of the time (especially in the middle of the night), but she switches it up every now and then for effect.

This kid is funny. Her personality shows itself in new and interesting ways every day. Like, she pulls out the front of my shirt once in a while to check to see if my “boobies” are still there. She also asks her dad each weekend, “watch football?” which I think M considers to be the pinnacle of his achievement as a parent. She gathers up all of her Sesame Street figurines and a few favorite farm animals and carries them around in a floral oil cloth purse from Aunt Laura. The purse comes everywhere.

She also sings, which melts my heart. Here, in celebration of 23 months, is Small Fry’s rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”



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  1. Love the final flourish of her song…very dramatic and awesome! She just may be the next teen sensation (lord help us!). Happy 23 little chick!!

  2. That is one of the cutest videos ever!

  3. STAR!!!!!! And that is what she is….

    Love it…thanks for sharing.

  4. A budding alto…I can see her singing with her daddy and Uncle C.

  5. She is so darn cute!!!

  6. I LOVE this video!! –she is so cute!

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