On my grandmother’s birthday

01/12/2010 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Family | 6 Comments
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Here I am with my Nana, on a beach in Florida, where she and my Poppi used to migrate from the North Carolina mountains every winter. I seem to be in my underwear in this shot and not caring one bit about it. Which is how things are with Nana. Anything goes. Be silly. Dress however you like. Make messes.

My parents named me for her, and I’ve always been really proud of that. I love my name because it’s Nana’s name, too.

She is an exceptional woman. Kinder than kind. Gentler than anyone you’ve ever met. Perfect strangers become instantly smitten. I’ve seen it happen a million times, on the face of every waitress who’s ever taken our order. Or the clerk at the grocery store. People often seem surprised by her kindness.

Nana is friend to everyone. Grace defined. How blessed I am to be on the receiving end of her love.



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  1. What a GREAT picture! Suzanne, that looks just like you now, except with pants! 😀 Fond memories! I have a Grandma like that, too! She’s 93 now!

  2. Being kind to the grocery clerk will go a long way as they will know your name and take a more personal approach to your shopping experience =)

  3. Very nice tribute Suzanne….she truly is exceptional. I feel blessed to know her!

  4. You rock Nana !

  5. I just met one of Nanna’s neighbors in Sparta; he and his wife raved about how great she is! I love the photo you posted, so cute!!

    • So cool!! Thanks for sharing!

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