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01/19/2010 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Swell Stuff | 4 Comments
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Lately it seems the birds in our yard are more abundant. Maybe the warm weather is luring them from their winter hiding places? Or is mating season beginning? A good question for Becky.

Whatever the reason, I love hearing them, especially in the morning. Their music makes me feel hopeful that spring is just around the corner.

Small Fry really gets a kick out of them, too. She often says, “Mommy listen” when we’re outside. Or points to the trees and asks, “Cuckoo birds?”

And have I mentioned that we have a pet owl? This guy has returned once again to the exact same pine tree he’s inhabited every winter that we’ve lived in our house. His song was a constant companion in the wee hours of the night while I nursed newborn Small Fry two years ago. Now he’s back on the prowl, flirting with a new lady friend. With those sweet “hoo hoo hoos,” how could she resist?

By polkadot magpie

By Vanity Claire

By sweet3 leaf prints

By Single Stone Studios

By jellabee jr



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  1. I’m on a bird kick lately so I’m digging these! I just bought the little one an awesome Owl bedding set from DwellStudio (a peek of it’s on my blog). I just can’t wait to finish the rest of his room!

    • I hear you on the owls. Have to keep resisting the urge to redecorate the nursery!

  2. I want the Holla cards!!!

    • Totally! My favorite pick, for sure!!

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