Happy Valentines Day from the 1980s!

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So, I love Valentine’s Day. There. I said it. Please promise you’ll keep reading my blog!

Yeah, it’s an over-hyped commercialized greeting card holiday, but I don’t care. Any chance I get to tell people I love them, I’ll all over it. Especially Small Fry.

My parents always made Valentine’s Day special. Without fail, there would be treats waiting on our placemats at the breakfast table on V-Day morning. One year, they blew my little 8-year-old brain by giving us Cabbage Patch Kids. Cabbage Patch Kids! I immediately named mine Amanda, took her to school and didn’t stop inhaling the top of her head all day.

Another reason I love Valentine’s Day? The little cards we swapped in school. I have such fond memories of decorating a shoebox to hold my stash. Every kid had to bring a Valentine for everyone else, so no one’s feelings got hurt. A perfect world. Of course that changed once I got to high school and the only people getting anything on Valentine’s Day were the cheerleaders. But, still. Childhood memories are the sweetest.

I happened to keep that shoebox from the third grade, wrapped in rainbow paper with Snoopy stickers on the top. I dug it out of the closet last week and discovered the best, absolute best surprise. Piles and piles of those little Valentines.

Here I give you Valentine’s Day, circa 1983:

This one has slits to hold a lollipop. The best kind of Valentine.

I gave this one to my Cabbage Patch Kid. Signed "love, mommy." Ahem.

This one still smells faintly of bananas! Takes me right back to Sister Catherine's classroom, in my standard-issue plaid uniform, eating a pink cupcake and staring at my "boyfriend."

"Wishing you a super-deluxe Valentine's Day!" Classic.

From my "boyfriend." Swoon.

He likes me? Uh-oh. Better not tell the "boyfriend."

Who doesn't love Strawberry Shortcake?

"Wood." Heh.

Um, okay. Sure. Relax.

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  1. This post was amazing. I can’t believe you saved all those valentines…but I’m so glad you did! So rad! And you giving one to your Cabbage Patch kid? Precious.

    I am sending you a Valentine’s hug from across the internets! With a lollipop! 🙂 I just reread that and I did not mean it in a dirty way, I swear.

    • You are too funny! Sending a hug right back!!

  2. I remember the scratch and sniff ones!!! I got one that was a scratch and sniff pickle. I think I still have it!! Hmmm…I must find it now.

    • A pickle? That sure would be an interesting scent!!

  3. These are great! Such an amazing find. Happy valentine’s day!

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