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You are going to LOVE me for this recipe. Seriously. I made these Molten Chocolate Mousse Cups for M on Valentine’s Day (chocolate is definitely the way to his heart), and they were dee-licious. And EASY to make, which is pretty much my only criteria for trying a new recipe.

My “technique” for separating eggs isn’t pretty, but it worked. Check it!

And, how much did I want to dive head-first into this vat of melting chocolate and butter? A LOT.

Beating the egg whites until “gentle peaks form” was exhausting. Even my baby-carrying arm got sore holding that mixer for so long. Yes, I used an electric mixer and it kicked my ass. Also: I am OUT OF SHAPE.

The recipe serves 12 (mini-cakes), so I cut it in half and ended up with four substantial servings. It was fun to finally use these cute wedding-gift ramekins for their intended purpose.

I let them bake a bit too long because the gooey center freaked me out a bit. A visit to the hospital with salmonella poisoning wasn’t my idea of a hot V-Day date. But the gooey center is kind of the point of the dish. Ah, well. They were still plenty moist and really good, especially warm from the oven.




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  1. Um, HELLO? I just emailed this to myself and cannot wait to make it! YUM! I wonder if I could quarter the recipe and make it just for two?

  2. PS – I guess since you can freeze them for up to a week, I could make a half batch like you did just fine 🙂

    • Totally! I thought about quartering the recipe, but the math just lost me. 🙂

  3. They look delicious! Lucky M!

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