The no-hate Oscar fashion recap

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Even though I totally missed my boyfriend’s awesome song-and-dance number at the opening of the Academy Awards last night and I only got to watch about an hour of the show, I enjoyed every minute. Even this awesomely awkward moment. And a blue Ben Stiller. And how amazing is Kathryn Bigelow?

My favorite part of the Oscars, like every other female in America, is the fashion. I love the outrageous dresses, the hair, the jewelry, the expertly taped boobs. Plus, can you imagine getting to wear one of those dresses? How fun would that be?

Scouring the best- and worst-dressed photo galleries is a ritual for me, especially with all of the fabulous entertainment and fashion Web sites out there.

And now that I have a blog of my very own, I can get in on the game!

So, I present to you the “good, better, best dressed” list (all images via this site). Because worst-dressed lists are mean. Even though I read them. And cringe. And, yes, laugh a little. Ahem.


When she walked out on stage, I was all, "huh?" But this dress translates much better on the red carpet, where you can really see the colors and layers. It's weird and fluffy, but I'm in the "loved it" camp.

Vamp-chic. And she's even smiling a little bit.


Gorgeous! And un-nerdy! Tina Fey rocks.

Flowy and patern-y and just plain lovely. I heart Rachel McAdams.


Hooray for color! And mesmerizing pattern! LOVE.

Stunning in every way: the hair, the bright lips, the gorgeous fit of the gown. Classy lady.



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  1. I could barely appreciate Best Actress Bullock’s dress out of coveting her shiny hair and great red lips. WANT!

  2. Sandra Bullock’s hair and makeup did look amazing! Face Doctorette

  3. My high school friend’s sister danced with NPH in that opening number. So we are now just a few degrees from him!

    I like your dress choices — love Sandra’s! What did you think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s? I liked it, I don’t care what the experts say.

    • Love the dress, not a fan of the orangey spray tan skin. But, hey, she’s SJP. I will love her ALWAYS.

      Jealous of your NPH connection! You should tweet him about it! 🙂

  4. Martin and Baldwin did an awesome job as hosts, but I want to start a grassroots campaign to get NPH to host the Oscars next year. Love him! (He already rocked at the Emmy’s and Tony’s, so why not?!)

    • Agreed, on all counts! I’d be happy to help petition!!

  5. You do realize your boyfriend probably likes your hubby more than you, correct?

    • Yes, sadly, but he is still my bf. Makes the whole situation less threatening for the hubs, too. 🙂

  6. Okay, I watched the ENTIRE thing and I’m not sure why your boyfriend didn’t host. The only thing about Baldwin & Martin that was funny was when they cut away and showed the two of them backstage wrapped up in a Snuggie built for two. (I did laugh out loud). Clooney was a poo-y all night, James Cameron needs to lighten up, and young Hollywood (with the exception of Carry Mulligan) are a sad, pathetic little bunch. Two highlights: Katie B. got exactly what she earned – to me, that was why this awards show was one of the best. A real movie about real issues that wasn’t political, won. And – Meryl. I LOVE MERYL. She never takes herself too seriously, she smiled THE ENTIRE SHOW, her laughter was so refreshing (because EVERYONE looked like they were constipated), and she could give a rats tail that she’s been nominated 16 times and hasn’t won. To me, she truly knows the meaning of her life isn’t about winning that statue. Its about how she responds when she doesn’t – with laughter, great smiles and a knowing she is one amazing actress. Classy, brilliant and down-to-earth. LOVES! And, I do love that Sandy won – she is brilliant and down-to-earth as well. And I love what the Academy did before they announced the nominees – had a person who had acted with them previously give a testatment as to what the nominee meant to them. Very cool.

    And I’ll say it – didn’t like the SJP dress. My favorite dress was worn by Up In the Air chick – Vera or something. Also, where is our generation of actors? I mean, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Gwynnie P (all I really want there is a glimpse of Chris Martin….), Scarlett Johansson, Catherine Zeta-Jones?

    And one more thing – EVERYONE (even Morgan Freeman) was chewing gum. Have they not learned anything about what NOT to do from Brittney Spears?????

    And now I will get back to this lovely real estate contract I have had in front of me but pretending not to notice for the last hour…..

  7. I also loved the purple dress. I think it’s one of those dresses you either love or hate. I thought it was the most beautiful dress of the night!

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