Group hug?

03/23/2010 at 10:23 am | Posted in Bleh | 7 Comments

I’ve done it.

I’ve officially coughed so hard that I’ve blown blood vessels in one of my eyes, which is now a frighteningly delightful shade of red. Perfect for work today! Can’t wait for lunch so I can creep out the cashier at Panera. Where I will vainly attempt to taste my salad. Because, along with this outrageously infuriating Cough, whatever illness I have has shut down my tastebuds.

So, life right now is not so swell. Not even pretty swell. And I feel like whining, so lucky you!

Feel free to stop reading at any time.

I’ve been trying to kick the Cough for about six weeks, but it persists, like an annoying door-to-door salesman who just won’t take no for an answer. I’ve begged the Cough to go away in the middle of the night, but he continues to keep me awake. Also, the Cough actually WOKE UP THE BABY last night. And the dog has decided to sleep downstairs. You can imagine how my ever-so-patient husband now feels about the Cough.

Earplugs. Guest room. Door closed.

I want to kick the Cough in the balls. Hard.

So I went to the doctor yesterday and begged for medicine that actually will work. Now the Cough is having to reckon with the Z-Pack. Day 2, so far, is better than Day 1. Thank the lord.

Because, y’all, I feel nothing like myself. I’m swimming in the thick, familiar haze of sleep-deprivation, with a gnarly thornball wedged in my throat and a Cough that threatens to pull up my internal organs along with gallons of snot.


Okay, now this is getting pitiful.

If you’ve read this far, bless you. I needed to vent, and now I feel better.

Thank you.

:: cough ::



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  1. Awww…BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. Hang in there! Same thing happened to me in Jan. and I wound up with a pulled back muscle from the coughing. Get well soon!!

  3. Tea with honey, sis…coats the throat. Or booze always does good too. Feel better soon!!!

  4. LOL! Cough has avoided me this year. Perhaps I’ve offended him.

  5. If the Z-pak doesn’t work, tell your doc you want Levaquin…it is the mothership of all antibiotics. I take it when I have my killer sinus infections/cough/runny nose etc…..3 days later, I’m a new person. But I hope the Z-pak works for you! (and I agree with Laura – maybe a good ol’ hot tottie!)

  6. Feel better soon! Hope “the cough” goes away soon.

  7. Thanks for the hugs! And advice!


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