Horsies, piggies, peep-peeps

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When Small Fry wakes up in the morning, after I inhale the back of her neck and nibble on her cheeks, I ask her what she dreamed about. Almost always the answer is, “horsies, piggies, peep-peeps.” Farm animals are her fave.

So today, I could not wait to get into her room and tell her that we actually were going to see real live horsies, piggies and peep-peeps. And cows, goats and rabbits. PLUS a big red barn.

That is one seriously big animal. And hungry.

She was so psyched about it that she wanted to go right then and there, pajamas and all. Which she had unzipped at some point in the night. This is a new thing, the half-naked sleeping. When I checked on her last night, she had one leg out of her pj’s. I actually tucked it back in and got her jammies zipped without waking her. Score one for mommy.

Farm Animal Days did not disappoint. We parked in a cow pasture, so as soon as Small Fry got out of the car she was in animal heaven.

Too much cuteness. My ovaries exploded.

She touched chicks, sheep, a baby goat and one very fluffy bunny. She talked to the horses and cows and got a little freaked out by the gigantic bull chowing down on some hay less than two feet from her face.

After she pet the sheep, I asked her what it felt like.


Er, okay.

Perhaps the most adorable animal in all the world, this little guy kept nuzzling Small Fry's arm. I want a baby goat.

Baby O had a miserable time. Obviously.

Dude, wanna ditch the moms and hit up the chick pen? I'll push.

Our little adventure ended with homemade ice cream, which she WOULD NOT TASTE. Daughter of mine? Hmmm.

I hope her farm animal dreams are extra-awesome tonight. And that she won’t have nightmares about the guy in the cow suit who made her cry every time he came into eyesight. Cows are cool and all, but apparently not when they’re standing up on two legs waving at you.




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  1. Glad y’all had a great day at the farm animal event. Of course, farm animal day would be just another random day in my hometown!

    BTW, I think Small Fry is starting to look more like you, esp. in the picture with Baby O.

  2. I wonder if Baby O is looking up at that cow and thinking…”I’m hungry.” I feel like I should’ve been wearing that costume the first 4 months of her life! =)

    What an awesome adventure…thanks for letting us tag along sis! I contemplated sneaking a chick into my pocket, but realized Sandwich might eat it.

  3. The second photo is priceless!! Too cute. She even matches the chick. Aw. I can’t wait until we can do these kind of things and Bresho “understands” what’s going on…
    P.S. Sheep feel like strawberries? Wow, that’s pretty poetic!!

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