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Small Fry is 2 going on 16. She is becoming SO independent (stubborn), and I love it! Totally taking after her mommy (on the stubborn part, that is). She’s amazing.

Yesterday, she wanted to dress herself. This hasn’t happened yet, because you know, I still think she’s a baby and try to cram her into onesies.

Clothes in hand, she pranced around her room in her diaper chanting “nudie, cootie, tootie,” which I’m so proud to have taught her. Then, she sat on the floor, put one leg into her pants (that she’d chosen to wear), then the other, and pulled them up. They got hung up on her diaper, but I helped her clear that obstacle. Same goes for the t-shirt (also of her choosing). I got it over her head, and she stuck her arms through the holes. I decided to push the game even further, asking her to pick out some socks.

Y’all, she walked over to her dresser, pulled open the TOP drawer (that, I swear, she couldn’t reach yesterday), and grabbed a pair of hot pink polka-dot socks. Then, she put them on her feet. Correctly. All by herself.


So, in celebration of my budding fashionista and her terribly clever wardrobe choices, I thought it’d be fun to share Small Fry’s outfits with you guys on a regular basis. She is helping me break my “matchy-matchy” tendencies, and I’m trying my best to let her wear whatever she wants.

So fun.

I mean, who knew how cute a red t-shirt could look with blue and green butterfly pants AND hot pink socks?

I love these spazzy hair clips from Gymboree and recently snarfed a bunch at the outlet. They are the only clips I can find that really hold her hair back. Girlfriend has a lot of hair.

These were a splurge. But, oh, I couldn’t resist the polka dots. And mary jane style. Wish I’d bought them earlier in the season because it’s just about sandal weather now. Small Fry requests these pretty much every day. You might just see them again in a swimsuit post. She seriously hearts these shoes.

Shirt: hand-me-down via Los Angeles, when Laura used to work for the Game Show Network
Pants: Gap outlet
Socks: Gap outlet
Shoes: Pediped
Hair clip: Gymboree outlet

*Special thanks to Melyssa, who is one of the most stylish people I know, for inspiring this new series. And for teaching me that clothes do not have to match ALL THE TIME.



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  1. I am so excited to have inspired this post! Love Small Fry’s sense of fashion, and can’t wait to see what she comes up w/ next. Just remember, clothes have to “go together”, not always match.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Melyssa Allen, Suzanne. Suzanne said: New blog post: Introducing my "Toddlerista." At least one of us has fashion sense. […]

  3. I love her sense of style! I see a future Project Runway winner. And if it helps, my 4yo has gotten better about matching the clothes but is still greatly offended by matching socks. Shouldn’t we all wear one Care Bears sock and one Barbie sock?

    • Totally! Some of my favorite baby socks were by a company called “little miss matched.” They had all different prints and came packaged in odd numbers.

  4. Oh my goodness! I ought to create a blog section just like this! Except my son does not pick out the outfits, I do! LOL They are usually wacky and would make people laugh!

    Clothes should NEVER match! Long live the art of mismatching!

  5. OMG those shoes are to die for!!! And I definitely had those barrettes when I was her age. I’m glad Gymboree still makes them!

  6. That shirt is SO Small Fry! Always ready for some adoring attention from her fans!

  7. J loves the “little miss matched” stuff, and wears their athletic socks for soccer. Love it!

    • Ooh — didn’t realize they make stuff for big kids, too. Thought it was just babies. Will check out their website!!

  8. Glad I got to see her in person this day. She is so precious! Will Small Fry put pics of your outfits on her blog 😀 That photo of her at your laptop is still one of my favs1

  9. I’m so excited for this new series!! Love the outfit and it’s so cute when you mention that Small Fry is helping you break your matchy matchy tendencies… it’s crazy how we learn from our kids as much as they learn from us, right?

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