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Last Monday night (yep, this post is exactly one week late), I hung out with a group of women I felt like I’d known for ages. We had a ridiculous amount of stuff in common. Kids, blogs, a shared fondness for sleep.

Thing is, I’d only just met them.

I felt a bit like a party-crasher, walking into a room full of mommy bloggers, but once we started introducing ourselves by our Twitter handles, I relaxed. Nothing like, “Hi! I’m pretty swell!” to break the ice.

Heather from follow linus and Mel from adventuroo.

The evening started with a lovely little champagne party at The Lollipop Shop in North Hills. Or, as I like to call it, What Heaven Looked Like When I Was A Kid. The walls were lined with candy, and gigantic barrels of even more candy beckoned from the floor. You could swim in the candy. I almost tried.

Marty, from Don't Take the Repeats, with our littlest partier.

We then walked over to Mura, where we were seated in a fun private room with a sunken table. At five-feet-ten, I wriggled down into that table-pit and vowed not to get up during the meal, no matter how badly I had to pee. Let’s just say the jeans don’t exactly stay up around the hips, and no one needs to witness that spectacle. A little crack with your sushi?  Um, no.

Talking to the server’s knees was pretty amusing, and he seemed equally amused by us. Conversations ranged from breastfeeding to fake eyelashes. I laughed a lot. And snorted. Classy. You guys would have been proud.

Cindy from My Convertible Life and Ilina from Dirt & Noise chat with The Lollipop Shop owner and her daughters.

What a fun night. I’m super excited to have hung with all of these cool chicks:

Abby from my sweet babboo

Cindy from my convertible life

Erin from Tales from a Marketing Mama

Fadra from all.things.fadra

Heather from follow linus

Marty from Don’t Take the Repeats

Melissa from adventuroo (who invited me along — thanks, Mel!)

Sarah from Go Ask Mom

Sue from Motherhood & Me

And if my camera batteries hadn’t croaked after about 20 minutes, you’d actually have gotten to see more of their faces. Ah, well. Next time!

A giant tower of YUM.



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  1. What fun! Cyndi is a good friend of my friend, Sofi. I love her blog, too. Keep writing and hope you are feeling better.

  2. Yeah Us! We must do that again! It was such a pleasure to meet you and all the girls. Nice to know that we can all get together and have a great night out. Hopefully see you again soon!

  3. It’s bizarre yet awesome meeting people in real life that you only know online. I’m glad I sat at your end of the table and looking forward to the next outing. Can we do it every Monday? 🙂

  4. Great wrap-up — and what a fun night! Small world that you know Melissa, too 🙂

  5. Me again… check out my shout-out to you at

  6. Thanks for the recap! I am terribly behind in blogging, laundry, and pretty much everything. Loved meeting you all and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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