Likes the applause

04/07/2010 at 9:34 am | Posted in Small Fry, Watch this! | 8 Comments

One of my favorite things about having a two-year-old is all the tricks we can make her do. It’s hard to resist. Sing this! Can you say that? Dance, Small Fry!  She’s like our own little circus pony, but way cuter.

We were trying to show the family her mad ABC-singing skillz after Easter dinner, and of course, she said no. Until she realized that we’d clap for her. This is one of those moments that I was SO GLAD I had the camera in hand.



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  1. This had me cracking up! Now I know my clap your hands!

  2. Love that! I’m going to try to end several sentences at work tomorrow with “now clap your hands!”

    • Brilliant! Let us know how that goes!!

      • I was able to do it twice! Not quite as cute as Small Fry, since I’m not 2, but still funny.

      • You rock! Love it!!

  3. This is SO CUTE! I am so impressed with how clearly she pronounces each letter! Maybe she can teach Ian the ABC song. When I try to sing to him he tells me to stop. I know my singing is bad, but man that kid is a harsh critic.

  4. makes my day…thanks mucho

  5. Aw!! This is the cutest video I have watched in a very long time.

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