Toddlerista: day at the museum

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This is one of my favorite outfits yet. Small Fry and I did some pretty heavy negotiating that morning, getting dressed for our adventure at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Which ROCKS big time. You’ll see.

Since temperatures were supposed to soar into the 90s, I jumped on the chance to dress her in one of the cute tanks that has been sitting in her drawer for weeks, waiting for spring to finally feel like spring.

So, since mommy chose the shirt, Small Fry got to pick the rest of the ensemble. Deal.

What goes best with a pink, orange and brown tank?  Kelly green pants, of course. And a stripy sweater, to ward off the morning chill (which lasted all of ten minutes).

Goodbye, sweater. Hello, adorable tank.

This is Small Fry’s favorite hair tie. She calls it “chickie-chickie-peep-peep.” It’s handmade, and I found it in New York. Can’t remember the shop name. Bummer.

She LOVED the butterfly house. Obviously.

No, really. She was fascinated. So was I.

By lunchtime, the green pants gave way to pink shorts. It was HOT. I wished I had had pink shorts to change into instead of the jeans that seemed to shrink with each step and stick ever so elegantly to my sweaty legs.

She loved digging for treasure. The museum imported truckloads of earth from a quarry down east, and kids that day found everything from shark’s teeth to shells. So cool.

“Smile for a picture with mommy” wasn’t happening.

She much preferred to make this face instead. Right on.

Too cute, even from behind.

The day ended with her first popsicle. I think she liked it.

Outfit deets:

Tank top: Target
Sweater: Gymboree outlet
Pants: Gap outlet
Kicks: Stride Rite outlet
(Also: about 1,600 layers of sunscreen. And a hat.)


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  1. That outfit is awesome. The brown/pink shirt really does go w/ the green pants!

    • Awesome. Our fashion guru approves! You MUST weigh in on every “toddlerista” post with your analysis.

      • Oh don’t worry, I will. I actually covet this outfit in my size!

  2. Maybe she’s blocking any small butterflies from going up her nose?! =) Great post! Wish we could’ve joined you…looks awesome. Next time!

  3. She is too cute! I love her tank top- do they make those in grown-up sizes? 🙂

    • No doubt! I find myself thinking the exact same thing almost every time I shop for Small Fry at Target. Not just for the cute, but for the comfort. 🙂

  4. Awesome outfit! Too cute!

  5. Those first two pictures make me wish she were my daughter. Such fashion sense, IMO! I love your blog, Suzanne.

    • Thanks! It IS hard to resist the urge to squeeze her all the time. Every second of the day!

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