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Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.

This is my new mantra.

And, on days like yesterday when Small Fry pushed EVERY SINGLE LAST BUTTON I have, I need mantras.

I actually started saying it out loud. Like, when we were getting into the car to visit my parents (and my lovely Aunt Mary Lou, who is in town for a few days — and faithfully reads this blog — Hi Auntie!), Small Fry most definitely did not want a kiss from mommy. She recoiled as if I’d just eaten an entire raw onion. Then began screaming. So I shut the car door and made my way around to the driver’s seat. An aside: how AWESOME does it feel to shut a car door on a screaming child? Like sealing them into their own little sound-proof chamber.

Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.

When I opened my door, she was still crying. I asked her, as calmly as possible, what was wrong. She said, “I want kiss from mommy.” What the what?! Weren’t you just screaming because you DIDN’T want me to kiss you?

Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.

I got out of the car, walked around to her door, opened it and gave her a kiss. She smiled. Briefly. Then started crying again.

What do I have to blame for days like these, besides the fact that she’s two?


Oh, how I wish those dang teeth would just come in already. They’re taking their sweet time, pushing through her swollen gums at a freaking snail’s pace. Small Fry has only 12 right now. And we’ve all felt the pain of every single one of those teeth.

I do feel sorry for her, especially when she looks like this:

Not even Big Toe could bring a smile to her achy face.

But, on days like yesterday, I’d do anything for even just a single moment of contentment:

23 minutes of peace brought to you by Jack's Big Music Show.

Be patient. Be patient. Be patient.



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  1. Hate to tell you this but teeth, or no teeth, you have got a two year old on your hand. The problem is we try to use our adult logic to understand them. I also had my doc once recommend buying liquid Benedryl and put some on your finger and rub it on the gums. I *think* it helped my little guy. I never could tell when his teeth were coming in. I would just notice one day – oh! you have new teeth in there.

    And it looks like we have the exact same couch πŸ™‚

    • Totally! I’m learning (slowly) that there is no such thing as reasoning with a 2yo. Yet I keep trying.

  2. O’s feeling S.F.’s teething pain this week! She’s been in a funk and the only thing that seems to help is movement….it got so bad this week I took her for 4 walks in one day…long walks…we didn’t even get any toys out that day, we were walking the whole time. A mommy friend lent me Hyland’s teething gel and Boiron’s Camilia…both homeopathic. It really seemed to help. You know what else helped…similar to your car door epiphany…taking a looooong shower while O’s dad gets a hand at the teething fun! =)

    • Thanks, sis, for the homeopathic recs. Mel from adventuroo also suggested Hyland’s. Thanks also for putting up with me! πŸ˜›

  3. Oh no! Teething, especially those last few, is the worst. We had a time with it with #1. Feel your pain!

  4. Oscar is a low teether too…I wish we could be those people who are like Oh wow 4 new teeth! Alas, his mostly come one.at.a.time. Hang in there!

    • Thanks, Andrea. Glad to hear from a fellow one-tooth-at-a-time mommy. πŸ™‚

  5. She doesn’t look too happy. Teething can be a real trial for sure. I think the molars were the worst – and really when I think about a big flat tooth pushing up through skin I can totally understand why it’s so upsetting. Only a little while longer!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you on the molars — can’t imagine how painful it must be. Cannot wait for all of them finally to arrive!

  6. Oh man– teething time is rough! Of course, being two is half the issue too. I wish I could say it gets easier but like everything, it’s all ups and downs! Hang in there. BTW, Hyland’s homeopathic teething products are GREAT. We used the disolving teething tablets on N when he was a baby.

    • Thanks for the tip on Hyland’s! Will give it a shot.

  7. Ian does those same things. Try to give him a hug or a kiss before I go to work and he says no, then turns around a freaks out when I walk away. Sorry to hear about the teething. On the really bad days for Ian we would give him Tylenol or Motrin. That seemed to help him especially around bed time. This was before he developed his new aversion to anything that looks like medicine.

    • Yes, Motrin is our friend. Especially at bedtime. Seems to really alleviate the pain — better than Tylenol, at least.

  8. Poor Small Fry (and poor Mama!). Hope she feels better soon. She looks so pitiful in that first picture!

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