Happiness is: my mom’s meatballs

04/22/2010 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Happiness is | 4 Comments

Pictured above is the reason M married me.

Well, maybe not the only one, but it’s close to the top of the list.

My mother makes the BEST meatballs. Period. They weigh about three pounds each, and if you can eat more than one, you are a hero in her eyes. Not eating at least one meatball (with, of course, a mountain of pasta and usually some sausages and peppers thrown in) is a travesty.

Actually, it’s generally expected that you eat something (anything!) whenever you set foot in her home. Hence the reason I ever had a boyfriend growing up.

Mom passed on to me the secret family recipe (that includes an amazing sauce), but I haven’t been able to find a stock pot big enough to hold it all. She cooks for at least 50 at each meal.

No wonder all of my high school friends ALWAYS wanted to hang at our house.

Mama J is legendary.



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  1. This post brought back wonderful memories of my Grandma Ann. She was the quintessential Italian woman. While at her house she was incapable of hearing the words “I’m full” or “I’m not hungry.” She would feed you anyway from her never ending supply of homemade pasta sauce and meatballs.

    • So glad you wrote! Sounds like your grandmother and my mom would have been fast friends!!

  2. uh, yeah – let her know that I’m happy to come for dinner anytime! 😉

  3. If I had to choose a last meal for this life, it would definitely be mom’s pasta, sauce and meatballs. It’s the most comforting bite of love!

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