O says “moo”

04/28/2010 at 9:38 am | Posted in Belly to Butterfly | 1 Comment

(This is part of Belly to Butterfly, by my sis Laura).

I think I’ve come up with a money-maker. You know how they have therapy dogs where they’ll take these sweet pooches into nursing homes and brighten up an elderly person’s day?

What about therapy babies?

O and I visited her dad at work yesterday, as they’ve been wanting to see her. I think they needed proof of her existence since they got us some really nice baby shower gifts.

She did not disappoint! O smiled, she crawled, she laughed, she sucked her thumb and best of all, she happily let everybody (and I mean everybody…virtual strangers…mental note!) hold her. We had hordes of polo shirted men, panty-hose clad women, assistants on up to the VP following us around every cubicle corner wanting a glimpse and perhaps a toe tickle with baby O.

Two words. Cash cow.


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  1. I know. There HAS to be a way to make money off kids that isn’t illegal or tasteless.

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