Toddlerista: cuckoo for mah tutu!

04/30/2010 at 4:14 pm | Posted in I take too many pictures, Toddlerista | 12 Comments

Welcome to the land of the blue tutu.

Small Fry ADORES it. Here’s our new morning ritual: wake, dress, scuttle downstairs in search of the tutu. Put it on BY HERSELF thank you very much. I’m not allowed to help unless absolutely necessary. Like today, when she couldn’t quite get it over her butt.

Today, we met up with pals at mommy’s favorite mall, which also happens to be the land of fountains. Small Fry loves fountains more than it seems is humanly possible.

Oh my gosh, I am NEVER cutting that hair. Really. But that’s for another post.

A kind soul came over and offered to take our picture, which I couldn’t resist because I hardly have any of the two of us together. Small Fry’s no-smiling phase continues.

Besides being just plain cute, the tutu is quite versatile. It never seems to get in Small Fry’s way, even when she hit up my wallet for coins to toss into the fountain.

Small Fry turned lots of heads (you know you’ve scored a good outfit when other chicks check you out, right?) and was oblivious to the attention until one woman said, “I love your princess dress!”

My child replied, “Not princess. Tutu!”

YES! I let out a silent squee, but I know it’s only a matter of time before everything she owns is tricked out with Disney princesses.

I love this next shot, because this is EXACTLY what I want to do every time I see the Anthropologie window. Also, I think it’s kinda neat how I’m in the photo too:

Small Fry put together a killer outfit today. Nothing matched (sans tutu). And, you know, I’m beginning to see just how awesome that is.

The deets:
Old Navy, birthday gift from the Deputy
Pedal-pushers: Gymboree, hand-me-down
TUTU!: Carter outlet
Kicks: Stride Rite outlet
Butterfly hair clip: Gymboree



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  1. LOVE IT! My fav mall too. I think if the two of us went there together it would be trouble!

    • Ha! I’m game — anytime!!

  2. So glad you got the tutu…proven to be a wardrobe necessity! My neice can kick it…mismatched or not! Great post. Looks like you had a fun time!

  3. Awesome! Take that Carrie Bradshaw–Small Fry’s tutu outfit is much better! It looks like the top matches the tutu, and the pink pants are just the right pop of color!

    I wish grown ups (who aren’t ballerinas) could get away w/ wearing tutus in public!

  4. Tim Gunn would be impressive with her sense of style! She is so adorable!

  5. The adorableness of that tutu has almost -ALMOST- convinced me I want baby #2 to be a girl. That is a LOT of adorableness.

  6. She is soooooooo beautiful! Such a cutie. I love the blue tutu, too!

  7. SO adorable! Oscar is also enjoying a love affair with fountains. Pretty much all water is game at this point. Can boys wear tutus?

  8. I think our girls would be great friends — mine loves her long hair and her “ballet” (a ballet leotard/pink skirt combo worn with pink light-up cowboy boots) more than anything.

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