Signs of summer

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We had such a great weekend. But how can any weekend that includes grilled hot dogs not be awesome?

Even though we stayed in town, it felt like vacation.

We grilled out, took naps, hit the pool, ate our first watermelon and corn-on-the-cob of the season. Small fry also got her first taste of bbq-flavored potato chips. Big thumbs-up.

She was timid at the pool, so I thought it would be a good idea to take her under water with me. You know, a learning moment. Not so much. First, there was shock. Then the screaming. But she recovered quickly and soon was congratulating herself. Repeatedly.

A little pre-swim yoga to warm up the ol’ muscles:

Our blissful three days together wound down with another meal on the grill and blueberries from Vollmer Farm (I could eat the whole pint — they’re like buttah).

Hope your weekend was awesome!

Did you eat hot dogs?

Happiness is: a finished project

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When we inherited this dresser from Marc’s cousin before Small Fry was born, it was a yellowed shade of cream with stenciled blue flowers. Not a pretty sight. But we saw the potential in it, and Marc painstakingly refinished it to a lovely pink with white handles.

It was the fist thing we finished in the nursery and sat by itself for weeks, surrounded by boxes, piles of clothes and other treasures we accumulated at our baby showers. I’d go sit on the nursery floor and just stare at that dresser, smiling at the thought of one day stuffing it with tiny baby girl clothes.

For the longest time though, I’ve been itching to add color to it.

So I painted the handles green and gave the drawers a refresher coat of pink (which, it’s hard to tell from these photos, is a shade lighter than the rest of the dresser).

You can really see the detail in the handles now:

I’m so happy with how it turned out, and I especially like how that green ties into the polka-dot bolster that my mother-in-law made.

Not a huge project, but still makes me smile!

Because I can't not blog about this

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Small Fry peed IN THE POTTY yesterday!!  Twice!

This is a huge event in our little world. We’ve been reading “Once Upon a Potty,” and it’s quickly become Small Fry’s most requested book. She can pretty much recite the whole thing. So yesterday, when she said she wanted to sit on the potty like Prudence, we sprinted to the bathroom faster than you can say poo-poo.

And just like in the book, she sat and sat and sat and sat. I saw her little belly contract. She was trying so hard.

Then, the tinkle.

Her eyes lit up and a gigantic, expectant smile stretched across her face. Positively beaming.

It was too much, y’all. I wanted to laugh and cry at the exact same time.

Because she is growing up so, so fast.

Strawberry pickin'

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Oh, we had the best fun today! After breakfast and the requisite 15 minutes of “Tom and Jerry,” Small Fry and I hopped in the car and headed to Vollmer Farm. It’s the only farm in North Carolina that grows organic strawberries, and I’ve been wanting to check it out since the season opened earlier this month.

Lemme just say, it was well worth the trek.

I have such wonderful memories of strawberry picking with my dad. I loved it. Except for the bugs. And spiders. But I just knew that Small Fry would have a ball. In part because bugs and spiders (and dirt) fascinate her. Throw in one of her all-time favorite foods right there for the taking, and it’s like toddler utopia. The only thing better would have been an orchard of string-cheese trees.

Small Fry ate faster than I could pick. She garbaged those berries until the juice ran down her arms and somehow made its way down her legs too. Her joy was as pure as it gets. Just awesome.

Small Fry was fearless, running down those rows without a care. Usually in new places she’s glued to one of my legs. Not today. Made me SO happy.

She even double-fisted for a little while. Because, you know, it’s more efficient that way.

Vollmer Farm is really cool. In addition to fields covered in strawberries, they also grow organic blueberries and other produce. There’s all sorts of stuff for kids to climb and play on, and a country store stocked with goodies. AND a homemade ice-cream parlor. Small Fry had a scoop of vanilla (with sprinkles of course) for lunch. There are hay rides, and during fall they have a pumpkin patch, corn maze and more hay rides.

Not to mention sweet Bea.

The fruits of our labor. Minus about 500 berries that surely will produce an epic diaper tomorrow morning.

I’m not perfect? Are you sure?

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(This is part of Belly to Butterfly, by my sis Laura.)

Something great happened last week. I accidentally clipped off a smidge of O’s pinky skin during my attempts to shorten her nails. Three band-aids later and about a dozen teary apologies from me, O was sitting in her tub, splashing away contentedly.

Me, the self-proclaimed (in my head!) “expert” of O, made her bleed. And we both survived.

Why is this great? Simply put, because I needed to knock myself off my pedestal and ease up on my watchful ways when others interact with O … especially C.

I’ve come to realize that I hover more than a helicopter over a car chase. In my twisted mind, C isn’t fast enough when it comes to bathing or feeding, isn’t in tune with O’s every thought and desire like me, and surely needs my watchful eyes and helpful tips to do even the most mundane baby tasks.

I’ll say it for him, “Ack!”

So you see…the finger thing was a saving grace for us both. For C, because he needs room to be a dad; he’s an amazing one. And for me, because I need to relax and not be so worried about damaging my bond with O or having somebody misread her signals. Do you know how I best learned with O? She told me … through her tears, shouts and laughter. In doubting others, I’ve doubted her. She’s a smart cookie … she’ll let you know what she does or doesn’t like.

And although I might still cringe a little inside when I see someone hold her a little too long, or feed her a little too slow I know, now, that there’s a difference between support and smothering. Better yet, I know that there are other rooms I can go to!


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Swell Stuff {put it on paper}

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I’m a hoarder of many things. Buttons. Candles. Clothes that don’t fit, but someday (SOMEDAY) they just might.

One of my biggest weaknesses? Cute stationery. I can’t get enough. I used to be a big letter-writer, especially when I was a kid. Mom trained us well in the art of a proper thank-you note, and I loved writing letters to my grandparents.

So I’m pretty psyched about my latest Etsy discovery: ebee paperie. TOO CUTE. And clever! Just look:

How awesome is it to get a letter in the mail? A REAL letter, especially when it’s not your birthday and someone sent it to you just because? Awesome.

And, really, who couldn’t use a little mustache greeting to brighten your day?

Happiness is: a latte, a cookie and an hour to myself

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(lovely photo by Laura)

Itsy bitsy pider

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Small Fry has been talking up a storm practically since she came out of the womb. Yeah, most of her verbal repertoire in those first few months involved screaming. And gurgling. And burping. But girlfriend LOVES to make noise.

She’s been talking since I can’t remember when, and her first word was the dog’s name. Followed by cheese (“chee”) and daddy. THEN mama. Yes, I’m #4.

We started writing all of her new words on a piece of paper stuck to the fridge, but we quickly ran out of space. I like to think that her chattiness has something to do with the fact that I’ve been talking to her since she was the size of a pea. I tend to talk, oh, I don’t know, ALL THE TIME. And especially in those early, lonely days of new mamahood, I’d carry on conversations with Small Fry, speaking for the both of us.

Once she started to respond, I was all GAME ON.

She announces most everything she’s doing, and asks everyone — anyone — “whatcha doing?” on a minute-by-minute basis. She asks hilarious questions and uses words I had no idea she knew. And that brain of hers soaks in everything she hears. This little fact stunned me, when in the car last month out of the blue, she asked me to play Beyonce because “Single Ladies” is her song. What?!

Also, I need to stop saying “crap” so much. And other stuff.

She’s become quite the singer, too. After just one weekend with her grandmother, she learned all the words to this quirky song about “rings on my fingers, bells on my toes,” and when she started singing it by herself out of the blue, it nearly made me cry. Her little singing voice is like puppies farting rainbows and cupcakes. It’s that cute.

Small Fry struggles with certain “s” words, like spoon (“poon”), school (“cool”) and squirrel (“curl”). My favorite is when she hollers after Marc’s friend Scotty: “Cotty! Where aaaaare you? Watcha doing?”

Which is why this rendition of Itsy Bitsy Pider (up the water pout) will make your face hurt from all the smiling (added features: nose-picking, hand gestures and an insane ability to keep singing the song. And singing. And singing.)


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Yay!  I’ve been looking forward to this all week!!

Here are the winners of the Great Big Bacon Giveaway:

1. T Rex Dreaming of Bacon shirt OR or tote bag: Sarah (#46)

2. Breakfast play food set: Lab Mom (#49)

3. Sunny Side Up bodysuit: Blair from The Heir To Blair (#5)

4. Bacon is Like a Little Hug From God art insert (green): Melinda (#24)

5. King of Meats print: Gabrielle from Nutella is Evil (#45)

6. Bacon and Egg twinzies: Andrea from Silence and Noise (#19)

7. Bacon Pecan Praline: Alison (#74)

8. Bacon is Like a Little Hug from God art insert (b/w): Courtenay (#52)

Hooray for our winners! The Etsy artists will be in touch with each of you guys to square away your prizes. Thanks, everyone, for all of your wonderful comments! I had to physically restrain myself from replying to them.

And hey, stay tuned for another AWESOME giveaway coming soon!  I’m so excited about this next one, I can hardly wait!!

Happy weekend!

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