Vacation! Or, how I'm addicted to my camera

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We just got back from a totally relaxing, totally wonderful mini-vacation. A breakthrough for me because it usually takes me a few days to detach from reality. But this time the vacation effect was almost instant.

I think Small fry had a little something to do with that.

She is so focused on the present, it’s hard not to ride along on that wave. Her excitement over every single thing (mommy! seagulls!) sucked me right in.

BUT, first things first.

One of my best friends, Kristen, was just indoctrinated into motherhood by walking through fire. Also known as being in labor for 48 HOURS. Swear to Brad Pitt, she went to the hospital on Wednesday, and baby didn’t arrive til Friday night.

She was induced two times, and neither round of pitocin could make baby boy budge. GOOD TIMES.

I cannot wait to meet him. And to hug my friend. Pictures soon!

Soooo, our vacation. Beach. Bliss. I took a bazillion pictures, so I’ll warn you now: this post is a teesny bit long. I maxed out my memory card for the first time ever.

Can you blame me?  Just look at those thighs:

M picked out these shades. Small Fry loved them, especially the sparkles on the sides. She is a Beyonce fan, after all. Here, she’s smooshed her sandy little body into my lap to reach for the camera:

This is my new favorite picture of us. Thanks, Deputy, for snapping it.

This is Small Fry’s pal Ian, who graciously shared his sand toys. And gritted his teeth every time she screamed, “No! Mine!”

Here’s our crew with Uncle Sam, who apparently lives in the beach house. He mostly sat wedged in the corner of the living room, but every now and then would grab a beer and play Trivial Pursuit with us.

Our little cottage sat right on the canal, which made it easy for M to get out on the boat. And gave Small Fry instant access to water and fishies, which she wanted to see ALL THE TIME.

Check out the pencil-thin chocolate mustache from Small Fry’s first taste of M&Ms. She artfully plucked them out of the trail mix, one by one, as if wired to find chocolate through any obstacle. Wonder where she gets that?

It was a weekend of firsts, indeed. She tasted her first Cheetos, and as tears of pride well in my eyes, I’m happy to report that she LOVES them. Mommy also had a first this weekend: sweet tea vodka mixed with lemonade. Me likey the liquor I can’t taste.

And the BEST first of all? After two days of being afraid of the waves Small Fry took the plunge on Sunday. Out of nowhere she said she wanted to go in the water. I figured it was another test that would end like all the others, with her stopping dead in her tracks once her toes touched wet sand. But this time, she kept walking. Slowly, gingerly. Her grip on my hand tightened. The water covered her toes, feet, ankles.

Then, the squeal.

As if she’d finally figured out what all the fuss was about. Waves are awesome!

She splashed around, “jumped” over the waves and even took a tumble that surely sent saltwater up her nose. She got up and ran right back for more.

Still with me? I’ve saved the best for last. My camera nearly exploded from all the cuteness.



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  1. Glad you had a nice vacation! That last pic made me nostalgic for toddler days- so cute! (My little dude is 7 now.)

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Suzanne. Suzanne said: If you make it all the way to the end of this photo post, I'll give you a pony! […]

  3. That last picture looks like a picture that would be on a greeting card! LOVE IT! I must get a copy.

    • Promise to send pics soon — need to edit out a few hundred first. 🙂 What an awesome vacation!! So psyched that our little ones hit it off!

  4. That last photo is PRESH!!! You need to start submitting things to istockphoto and getting paid for some of the shots you get…you really have an eye for it….and yeah, I understand not putting the kids out there, but your landscape and object shots rock just as hard!

    • Wow, thanks! I blush.

  5. I’m with Sarah on this one Sis…these are some of my favorite pics yet! Love this shot of S. Fry getting splashed…classic…and the ones of you two are just amazing. So glad you had a great trip!

  6. awe! I need a vacation – even if it’s mini! Your pics are great, and it looks like the best time ever!

  7. Just look at your super gorgeous new site design! Congrats!

  8. Those sunglasses are too adorable! Sounds like a perfect vacation.

  9. These are some of the cutest beach vacay photos ever. Small fry is so darn cute!

  10. Pics are GREAT- especially the ones of the cute couple. Awww.

    I’ve gotta try your mommy drink. Seriously.

  11. and a fine time was had by all…so glad you had this time at the beach…hope the fishing was productive…let me know on this when convenient for you…meanwhile, we’re all holding our breath with regard to the oil situation down here in fl…not good that hurricane season is fast approaching

  12. I’m crying after reading about your vacay! You are so talented as a writer and photographer…saving the best for last was great (although I love the SF and Mommy photos)….looks like so much fun!

  13. This looks like it was an amazing trip!! Love all your photos… and Small Fry’s bathing suits, and her glasses, and her little flip-flops and her hat and her chocolate moustache. So adorable. please tell me that you have framed some of these photos? xxo!

  14. great pics! You make me want to go to the beach!

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