Why everyone should care about blood clots

05/20/2010 at 12:25 pm | Posted in family | 4 Comments
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I was scanning headlines for my job Tuesday morning when one in particular jumped off the screen: Blood clots that kill.

It’s about deep-vein thrombosis, an issue very close to my heart.


I know. It sounds weird, but it’s a serious health problem, especially for women. In fact, the column said that blood clots are the second most common cause of death in the U.S., which totally surprised me.

I had never heard of DVT before my mom was diagnosed with it after a serious injury a few years ago.

During hospital bed rest, she developed massive clots in her legs that could have rushed to her lungs or her brain and killed her. I am grateful every day for the doctor who saved her life by realizing something wasn’t quite right and that maybe they shouldn’t force my mother to stand up quite yet.

Turns out that most of the women in our family have the gene that causes DVT, including my sister and me.

For a while, the only thing it meant for me was that I couldn’t take birth control pills (or any hormones, which will make menopause lots of fun). But when Marc and I started trying to conceive, it became a BIG issue.

I had two “chemical” pregnancies (early miscarriages) because it seemed that not enough blood was getting to the embryo. My blood was too thick. My doctors will say that this is just conjecture because it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of my miscarriages, but every single one of them believed that my propensity for blood clotting was the culprit.

Sure enough, after I started taking baby aspirin every day to thin my blood (on my ob’s advice), I got pregnant the next time we gave it a try.

I’m lucky that my pregnancy was free from complications. A lot of women with clotting disorders, including Laura and one of my cousins, have to give themselves injections of blood thinners. I can’t imagine!

So, after I finished reading the article, I sat there thinking there must be a way to get the word out. More women need to know about blood clots. Then, KA-BOOM. I have a blog! I can write about it! DUH.

I hope you’ll read the article. And please pass it along to other women, especially those who might be having trouble getting pregnant.

You just never know.



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  1. Yep. I had NO idea that blood clots were such a serious and yet common thing. I too am genetically predisposed which we learned after 3 consecutive miscarriages. I was one of the women who required injections of blood thinners twice daily. I was lucky though b/c I have a sweet little guy to show for it.

    I was shocked to learn from my doctor that it is such a common problem. I’ve definitely shared my story in the hopes that another woman suffering multiple miscarriage might have a place to start figuring out why.

    Thanks for sharing yours and the article.


  2. I had no idea. I had a c-section and know that I had those wraps on my legs to prevent clots but I didn’t know specifically how serious it could be.

    Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

  3. thank you so much for posting about it. seriously.

  4. Thanks for bringing attention to such a serious health concern in our society. I am also a mama with Factor V Leiden that needs to take blood thinner injections during pregnancy. All worth it for my handsome little guy!

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