I’m not perfect? Are you sure?

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(This is part of Belly to Butterfly, by my sis Laura.)

Something great happened last week. I accidentally clipped off a smidge of O’s pinky skin during my attempts to shorten her nails. Three band-aids later and about a dozen teary apologies from me, O was sitting in her tub, splashing away contentedly.

Me, the self-proclaimed (in my head!) “expert” of O, made her bleed. And we both survived.

Why is this great? Simply put, because I needed to knock myself off my pedestal and ease up on my watchful ways when others interact with O … especially C.

I’ve come to realize that I hover more than a helicopter over a car chase. In my twisted mind, C isn’t fast enough when it comes to bathing or feeding, isn’t in tune with O’s every thought and desire like me, and surely needs my watchful eyes and helpful tips to do even the most mundane baby tasks.

I’ll say it for him, “Ack!”

So you see…the finger thing was a saving grace for us both. For C, because he needs room to be a dad; he’s an amazing one. And for me, because I need to relax and not be so worried about damaging my bond with O or having somebody misread her signals. Do you know how I best learned with O? She told me … through her tears, shouts and laughter. In doubting others, I’ve doubted her. She’s a smart cookie … she’ll let you know what she does or doesn’t like.

And although I might still cringe a little inside when I see someone hold her a little too long, or feed her a little too slow I know, now, that there’s a difference between support and smothering. Better yet, I know that there are other rooms I can go to!


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