Strawberry pickin'

05/26/2010 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Small Fry, snap happy | 5 Comments
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Oh, we had the best fun today! After breakfast and the requisite 15 minutes of “Tom and Jerry,” Small Fry and I hopped in the car and headed to Vollmer Farm. It’s the only farm in North Carolina that grows organic strawberries, and I’ve been wanting to check it out since the season opened earlier this month.

Lemme just say, it was well worth the trek.

I have such wonderful memories of strawberry picking with my dad. I loved it. Except for the bugs. And spiders. But I just knew that Small Fry would have a ball. In part because bugs and spiders (and dirt) fascinate her. Throw in one of her all-time favorite foods right there for the taking, and it’s like toddler utopia. The only thing better would have been an orchard of string-cheese trees.

Small Fry ate faster than I could pick. She garbaged those berries until the juice ran down her arms and somehow made its way down her legs too. Her joy was as pure as it gets. Just awesome.

Small Fry was fearless, running down those rows without a care. Usually in new places she’s glued to one of my legs. Not today. Made me SO happy.

She even double-fisted for a little while. Because, you know, it’s more efficient that way.

Vollmer Farm is really cool. In addition to fields covered in strawberries, they also grow organic blueberries and other produce. There’s all sorts of stuff for kids to climb and play on, and a country store stocked with goodies. AND a homemade ice-cream parlor. Small Fry had a scoop of vanilla (with sprinkles of course) for lunch. There are hay rides, and during fall they have a pumpkin patch, corn maze and more hay rides.

Not to mention sweet Bea.

The fruits of our labor. Minus about 500 berries that surely will produce an epic diaper tomorrow morning.



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  1. What a perfect gem of a post! I’m actually reading it as I eat the berries you picked for us. Delicious! Can’t wait to check out the farm for ourselves. Thanks for scoping!

  2. MAN, she’s cute! And what perfect strawberries, too!

  3. Awesome pictures.

  4. Dang girl your pictures so rock.
    Just FYI Vollmer isn’t the only one growing organic strawberries. Be glad to share my list if you are interested.
    But this is where we have chosen for four years running. on to blueberries….yum

  5. Hope: I’d LOVE to know where else to get local, organic berries. Do share! Thanks!!

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