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I was beyond thrilled when I found out recently that I’d won a custom piece of Modern Bird Studios art through a blog contest. Their work is just stunning, and I couldn’t wait to see how they’d translate a photo of Small Fry on the beach.

Then I got to thinking.

Since launching the “new” pretty*swell, I’m still in the mood to celebrate. (For reals, I haven’t come down off my little cloud yet). And what better way to do it than to offer this fabulous prize to my fabulous readers?

Crazy? Maybe.

But y’all are worth it!

Sooooo you guys, through this giveaway Modern Bird Studios is offering one lucky reader a custom 12” x 12” piece. That’s a $215 value!

Greg, the artist, says on their website:

“Each work is a one-of-a-kind, original studio piece created with a combination of digital, hand, and painting processes on an Oak composite. We take your photograph, and break it down into a two-color image, which results in abstract shapes that make up the form. We then choose two contrasting colors to create the painting. The result is a marriage between technology and traditional painting to create a totally hip urban-style art piece that enriches your home.”

Just look at what they can do!

For Jill from Scary Mommy, Modern Bird turned this:

into this:

And for JennyMac from let’s have a cocktail, they transformed this killer photo:

into this:

Here’s how to enter:
>Leave a comment below telling us which celebrity you think would look AWESOME on a piece of Modern Bird art. Like, you know, Johnny Depp ala Pirates of the Caribbean.

For extra chances to win (one additional comment each):
>Subscribe to pretty*swell

>Follow pretty*swell on Twitter

>Follow Modern Bird on Twitter

>“Like” Modern Bird on Facebook

>Tweet about the giveaway (using @pretty_swell and @modern_bird)

The tiny print:
The contest ends at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, June 8. I’ll use to choose the winner and will announce it that day. This giveaway is open only to U.S. residents in the lower 48 states. No previous winners of Modern Bird Studios giveaways are eligible to enter. Be sure to check out the Modern Bird gallery for more examples of their amazing work! AND, from now until June 15, Modern Bird is offering a 15% discount off your purchase! Use the code: PRETTYSWELL.

Yay!!! Good luck!!



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  1. I’m thinking Harrison Ford (from his young Indiana Jones days!)

  2. I’m a Google subscriber!

  3. Ohhhhhhh I think a retro piece James Dean from Rebel Without a Cause would be an awesome piece.

  4. I think a picture of Tom Brady in an action shot during a Pats game would make a pretty cool Modern Bird piece!

  5. I’m a Twitter follower

  6. I vote for Willie Nelson – BEFORE he cut off his braids!

  7. Subscribe to pretty*swell

  8. I follow Modern bird on Twitter

  9. Follow pretty*swell on Twitter! @butterfly1979_

  10. I’m a Modern Bird FB fan

  11. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter. (@sneakpeekatme)

  12. Already Follow Modern Bird on Twitter

  13. Already “Like” Modern Bird on Facebook

  14. I follow Modern Bird on Facebook (Janis C Marie)

  15. I have always had a thing for Lil’ Wayne… seriously lol… best Modern Bird piece EVER!!

  16. I think R2D2 would look awesome..I am follower of modern bird on facebook and twitter plus I am following pretty swell now too.

  17. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter 🙂

  18. I am a fan of Modern Bird on FB

  19. Oooooh, a celebrity Modern Bird print idea is hard. My pick is the learning-to-do-lifts-in-the-lake scene from Dirty Dancing. Because I’m old school like that.

    You are BEYOND lucky to already have a Modern Bird piece. I swear I’ve entered every giveaway ever. Maybe 400th time’s a charm.

  20. Tweet!

  21. I would love to see Robert Downey Jr!!!!!!

  22. I follow you on Twitter!

  23. Shemar Moore would look amazing as a Modern Bird piece .. well really he looks amazing no matter what!

  24. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter!

  25. I follow modern_bird on twitter!

  26. here is my tweet about this giveaway

  27. I am now following Pretty Swell on Twitter

  28. And last but not least, i retweeted the giveaway

  29. I Tweeted about the giveaway!

  30. Subscribed. :O)

  31. Channing Tatum..he’s just gorgeous! I’d love to look at him on my wall all day :o)

  32. Subscribed!

  33. “Liked” Modern Bird on Facebook

  34. I follow you on Twitter (g6scrapped)

  35. Wow, that is so generous of you!! I would LOVE to win a Modern Bird piece of work with my 3 1/2 year old daughter on it! (She will be 4 in 2 week.) I already have the photo picked out and everything!! 🙂
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!
    P.S. I would say Channing Tatum or Sam Worthington. Yummm-meee!! 🙂

  36. following on twitter!

  37. I follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter

  38. I like Modern Bird on Facebook.

  39. I’m now following pretty swell blog! 🙂

  40. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  41. Following Modern Bird on Twitter!

  42. I’m already a follower of Modern Bird Studios.

  43. Ohhhh fun! Celebrity. Hmmmmm. J.Depp was a good one!! I’m going to go with Gerard Butler-from 300. Whoa those ABS! Yum!

  44. I also “Like” Modern Bird. 🙂

  45. Heath Ledger as The Joker. Seriously, un-beatable!

  46. I follow MB on twittah!!

  47. I follow @pretty_swell on Twitter (@somedayilllearn)

  48. I’d like to see Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman images).

  49. I like Modern Bird Studios on Facebook. Jen M.

  50. I follow Modern Bird Studios on Twitter.

  51. That is so generous. A few celebrities came to mind-Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s; Grace Kelly; Kermit The Frog; Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey in the Dirty Dancing lift. Wow, my mind is weird sometimes.

  52. I like MB on FB!!

  53. I follow modernbird on twitter @txelz

  54. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter!

  55. I follow Modern Bird on Facebook!

  56. I follow prettyswell on twitter @txelz

  57. I just followed you on twitter (Alena29)

  58. i don’t watch much tv so i can’t think of a celebrity off the top of my head!!! sorry! but does this count anyway? 🙂

  59. I think an older person would look great in this format… like Morgan Freeman!

  60. & I just subscribed in my google reader!!

  61. That is so sweet of you! Wow! I think Robert Downey Jr would be a really interesting subject to paint! Love him!

  62. i’m already following modern bird on facebook. 🙂

  63. I follow you on twitter! (@seemommyknit)

  64. I follow Modern Bird on twitter!

  65. I like Modern Bird on fb!

  66. I tweeted this: txelz @pretty_swell is giving away her @modern_bird here: But don’t enter b/c I really want to win. So nice of her.
    So nice of you to offer your prize to others. Really, truly nice.

  67. retweeted! (tweet tweet! @seemommyknit)

  68. I’m agreeing with the person who said R2D2!

  69. I follow Modern Bird on twitter (@babybabylemon)

  70. I “like” MB on facebook.

  71. not sure if this has already been suggested, but i think that audrey hepburn a la funny face or breakfast at tiffanys would be fabulous on an mb piece! (:

    and also? AMAZING of you to pay this forward to your readers! what an absolute doll you are! yay – another chance to win! i’ve been DROOLING over the idea of having one for myself since the second i saw them!


  72. also, i follow modern bird on twitter! (:

  73. and i follow you on twitter!

  74. i’m a fan of modern bird on facebook!


  75. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter!

  76. I’m also a fan of Modern Bird on Facebook!

  77. I’m now following you on Twitter!

  78. now I’m following pretty swell!

  79. I like Modern Bird on Facebook!

  80. I also think it’s fantastic that you’re giving this opportunity to your followers!

    I think a great celebrity would be Jacqueline Kennedy! Such grace!

  81. I have to second whoever said James Dean.

  82. zooey deschanel from 500 Days of Summer, vintage lovely 🙂

  83. I follow pretty_swell and modernbird on twitter!

  84. This is gonna sound wacky, but Tom Brokaw.

  85. I’m subscribing on Google Reader.

  86. I think Bob Marley would look amazing in one of Modern Birds artwork!

  87. I also “like” Modern Bird on fb.

  88. Following you on twitter (bellablu_e)

  89. I follow modern_bird on twitter

  90. I like Modern Bird on facebook.

  91. I tweeted about the giveaway

  92. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s would like awesome

  93. I follow Modern Bird on twitter.

  94. I follow pretty_swell on twitter.

  95. I “like” Modern Bird on Facebook.

  96. I would love to see Keith Urban playing his guitar on one! He rocks!

  97. I am subscribed to newsletter.

  98. I think sean connery would be awesome!

  99. I subscribed!

  100. I follow you on twitter.


  101. I follow MB on twitter.

  102. I like MB on FB.

  103. I tweeted 🙂

  104. Betty White…lol loves it!

  105. like modern bird on facebook

  106. I “like” Modern BIrd on FB

  107. I think Barack Obama would look AWESOME on a ModernBird piece!!

  108. I subscribe to your feed!

  109. I follow you on twitter

  110. I am following Modern Bird on Facebook AND Twitter!

  111. I follow modern_bird on twitter

  112. I’m following Pretty*Swell on Twitter!

  113. I think that Like A Virgin era Madonna would be great on Modern BIrd artwork

  114. And I just Tweeted about the giveaway!!! @weddedglitz

    I have tried every Modern Bird giveaway! I hope I win!!!

  115. As others have said Audrey Hepburn would be amazing in a Modern Bird print. I love Audrey.

  116. I follow pretty*swell on twitter

  117. That’s hard to say, but I think one person that would look great is Jude Law!!:)

  118. I just subscribed in Google Reader

  119. I am following on twitter

  120. I already follow Modern Bird on twitter

  121. I subscribe

  122. I tweeted

  123. I tweeted!

  124. I’m thinking…I’m thinking… I would love to see Paul Newman looking the way he did in The Long, Hot Summer. Short hair and those cool blue eyes. That would be great!

  125. I like Modern Bird on FB!

  126. Sean Connery would be amazing. Young or old!

  127. I follow you on twitter

  128. I think Dennis Hopper would be great on a print like this.

  129. I follow MB on FB

  130. I follow you on Twitter

  131. I follow Modern Bird on twitter!

  132. I tweeted this giveaway

  133. Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness

  134. I subscribe to your blog

  135. I follow you on twitter

  136. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter

  137. I’m a Modern Bird FB fan

  138. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Elz, Suzanne and metta1313, Suzanne. Suzanne said: Better than bacon: my @modern_bird giveaway!!! […]

  139. I follow on Facebook.

  140. I’m going with Katy Perry.

  141. I think Tom Brady celebrating with his arms up. The NFL network has the best poster of him on set with his arms up have always wanted that post but the way you turn it into art would look so much better thanks

  142. I think Vin Deisel would look pretty awesome on a peice of Modern Bird art 🙂

  143. I subscribe to pretty swell

  144. I subscribe to pretty swell on twitter


  145. I follow Modern Bird on twitter


  146. I like Modern Bird on facebook

  147. Way to pay it forward! And soooo easy, I could look at George Clooney in any way, shape or form!

  148. Oooh…and I’m a Modern Bird FB fan, too!

  149. I tweeted

  150. I vote for Elvis.

  151. I subscribe to PrettySwell on Google

  152. I follow you on Twitter!

  153. I would vote for Sean Connery – yum! 🙂

  154. Hmm. Personally, I think George Clooney would look great on any artwork on any wall. Definitely, George.


  155. I followed @modern_bird on Twitter.


  156. I already follow you on Twitter.


  157. Still can’t believe you’d just give this away b/c Small Fry would look fab in 12×12 size. Anyway, I “liked” Modern Bird on Facebook.


  158. Oh, and I subscribed to your blog through my Google reader.


  159. And, last but not least, I tweeted about the giveaway.


  160. hmmm…how about patrick dempsey? he’s yummy… 🙂

  161. i’m a fan on FB!

  162. i’m now a follower! (on your feed…)

  163. Matt Damon would be beyond yummy on a piece of Modern Bird art!!!

  164. I subscribed to pretty*swell!

  165. I now follow pretty*swell on Twitter!

  166. Already follow Modern Bird on Twitter!

  167. Already follow Modern Bird on Facebook!

  168. I tweeted!

  169. kobe bryant

  170. Brad Pitt ala Fight Club, for sure!!

  171. Follow MB on twitter

  172. Like MB on FB

  173. hmmmm I think I would love to see “Lassie” would that count? I’m a dog lover!

  174. I currently “like” modern-bird on Facebook

  175. I currently follow Modern-Bird on Facebook and blogspot! They truly are incredible! I will check yours out now too!

  176. Napoleon Dynamite

  177. My son is obsessed with Mickey Mouse right now, so that’s who comes to mind for me!

  178. I like Modern Bird on FB.

  179. I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.

  180. how about Drew Barrymore

  181. Any scene from Lost w/ Sawyer, Jack & Sayid. OR, George Clooney & Brad Pitt from Oceans 11 Fun giveaway!

  182. Eric from True Blood!

  183. I’m thinking Bono and the boys of U2 would look fabulous with a Modern Bird treatment!

  184. Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles on the table with the cake

  185. Matthew Brodrick in Ferris Bueller’s day off

  186. Charlie Sheen in Wall Street

  187. Here is my tweet

  188. I subscrived on igoogle which I’ve never done before so I hope that’s right! I’ll add you to blogs I follow too because I happen to love you! (Not in a creepy way)

  189. I don’t know if anyone other than 60+ year old potheads would consider him a celeb still but I think Bob Dylan would look great on a Modern Bird design! (No, I’m not a 60 yr old pothead)

  190. I like Modern Bird on FB!

    Thanks for offering up your winnings! Too sweet!

  191. I think Audrey Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffanys pose.


  192. Following Modern Bird on Twitter


  193. Following you on Twitter 🙂


  194. already “liked” MB on FB


  195. Tweeted! I hope I win!


  196. I subscribe!

  197. Following on Twitter, too!

  198. John Travolta in any way, shape or form!

  199. I am a fan on facebook

  200. I subscribe through Google Reader

  201. I like modern bird on facebook. I’m also a new google reader follower!

  202. ok, guess those needed to be separate. new google subscriber!

  203. I say Marilyn Monroe.

  204. I’m already a pretty*swell subscriber.

  205. I follow pretty*swell on Twitter.

  206. Just followed modern bird on Twitter.

  207. I like modern bird on FB.

  208. I say the sex and the city girls because they remind me of me and my 3 best girls.

  209. I subscribe to Pretty Swell

  210. I follow Pretty Swell on twitter

  211. I follow modern bird on twitter

  212. I “like” modern bird on facebook

  213. I would love to see Halle Berry on one.She is so beautiful.

  214. How about Glynda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.

  215. I’m following you on twitter


  216. I already follow Modern Bird on Twitter


  217. I already “Like” Modern Bird on facebook

  218. I’m now subscribed to your blog

  219. Okay, so, don’t laugh — Lorenzo Lamas from his days as the long-haired star of Renegade (tv show). Wow! On his motorcycle, of course!

  220. I think.. Brad Pitt. Just because he’s yummy. 🙂

  221. I like Modern Bird on FB

  222. subscribe to pretty*swell

  223. I follow Modern Bird on twitter @mamabmy

  224. I follow pretty*swell on twitter @mamabmy

  225. I’m gonna say….Mr. T with lots o’ bling!

  226. Robert Downey Jr. – do I even need to explain why?

  227. I like Modern Bird on FB

  228. Iggy Pop. Because I’m a minimalist and his sinewy frame would take up the least amount space. And he’s rad.

  229. I follow Modern Bird and Pretty Swell on twitter and just “liked” Modern Bird on Facebook. How about Gandhi? Don’t we all need a little peace and love these days? Love your work Modern Bird and love discovering Pretty Swell!

  230. I follow Modern Bird on Twitter!

  231. I follow pretty swell on twitter and
    I follow modern bird on twitter and I also
    like modern bird on facebook!

  232. So I’ve been super into the 80s lately…child of the 80s so it makes sense. And well I have a red headed little girl who looks adorable in pink, so my idea is Molly Ringwald (sp?) ala Pretty in Pink, totally done in pink tones of course.

  233. I follow you on twitter

  234. I follow MB on twitter

  235. going to tweet right now

  236. I think any character from the show Friday Night Lights would be awesome on a piece of Modern Bird art!

  237. following pretty swell on twitter!

  238. I like MB on FB!

  239. following MB on twitter!

  240. I tweeted!

  241. i’m gonna say daniel craig as bond emerging from the ocean in a speedo. yummy. (following you on twitter)

  242. and following you on twitter (@mom2geh)

  243. I second the Barack Obama suggestion for a Modern Bird piece!

  244. Also I follow Modern Bird on twitter (I’m @Melissa_Smith)

  245. and now, I’m following you as well!

  246. also a fan of Modern Bird on facebook (Melissa Smith)

  247. Hmm celebrity – I’m pretty sure Modern Bird could make any celebrity fabulous, but I’m going to go with Julie Roberts for the smile.

  248. Subscribe to your RSS feed

  249. Following you on Twitter (@MyFavEverything)

  250. Already follow Modern Bird on Twitter

  251. Am now a Fan on FB of Modern Bird

  252. Tweeted / @MyFavEverything:

    I LOVE the beautiful art @modern_bird creates! Check out the giveaway @pretty_swell (which is also a cute site!)

  253. Hugh Jackman of course! Preferably shirtless and on the beach 🙂

  254. hmmm… I’m thinking Zoey Deschanel. ‘Cause she’s so cute!

  255. Following you!

  256. Subscribed!

  257. Been following Modern Bird

  258. And am now a fan of theirs on FB!

  259. Sandra Bullock with her new lil baby boy would be ADORable in a print!

  260. Oh my gosh, Lady Gaga would be perfectttt! I would absolutely love to see her translated into one of these works of art. Think of her in one of her crazy costumes…it would look outrageous! @ashleymonster

  261. lOngtime Follower of Modernbird on twitter
    now following pretty_swell
    ..and my suggestion for celebrity print is DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. Ok, he may not be a celebrity to most, but dammit, I’d put it on my wall in a heartbeat.

  262. just tweeted about your giveaway also.

    RT @modern_bird @pretty_swell Fingers & toes crossed 4 this giveaway

  263. I agree with the George Clooney votes!

  264. I subscribed to pretty*swell

  265. I follow pretty*swell on twitter (@_rebekah_)

  266. I follow MB on twitter

  267. I like MB on facebook

  268. Tweeted!

  269. I tweeted

  270. I think Robert Downey Jr. would be great!

  271. i follow you on twitter @desmoinesdealin

  272. i follow them on twitter @desmoinesdealin

  273. I’m thinking Johnny Depp would look pretty damn hot 🙂 Of course, he looks pretty damn hot anyway!

  274. I follow Modern Bird on twitter!

  275. I “Like” Modern Bird on FB!

  276. I think Heath Ledger would look awesome on a piece of Modern Bird art!

  277. I already follow Modern Bird on Twitter

  278. I already “like” Modern Bird on FB

  279. I am now following Pretty Swell on Twitter

  280. In spirit of world cup starting on June 11th..David Beckham would look awesome

  281. I think that John Belushi would look great for a Modern Bird piece. I mean come on, this pic is a classic.

  282. I follow you on Twitter.

  283. I follow @Modern_Bird on Twitter.

  284. I love old Hollywood, so I’d probably pick someone like Charlie Chaplin or Veronica Lake.

  285. I follow @Modern_Bird on Twitter

  286. I follow you on twitter

  287. Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titantic

  288. I think Hugh Laurie from “HOUSE”!

  289. I subscribe to your feed!

  290. I follow you on twitter

  291. I follow modern bird on twitter

  292. I tweeted.

  293. Yes! I love MB!

    I added you on twitter.

  294. I also added Modern Bird on Twitter.

  295. I also tweeted about the giveaway, so stoked.

  296. I also follow Modern Bird on Facebook!


  297. Lenny Kravitz!

  298. I follow MB on Facebook

  299. I follow MB on Twitter

  300. Now I follow you on Twitter @coffeemommyof3
    Great blog! thanks!

  301. […] so much for playing, y’all!  I absolutely loved reading all of your creative ideas for celebrity Modern Bird art. Don’t forget, from today through June 15, Modern Bird Studios is giving pretty*swell readers […]

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