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One thing you should know about me — if you can’t tell already — is that I take A TON of pictures.

My parents put a camera in my hands very early and spent enough money on 110 film and flash bulbs to keep Kodak in business. Remember those bulbs? Oh, how I loved the sound — that crisp POP — when they fired. And the smell! Mmmm.

On a family vacation to Kiawah Island, I burned an entire roll of film on one alligator. I was 10.

Our shelves nearly buckle under the weight of photo albums that chronicle more than two decades of my life. I’m old school. I still print my pictures. Not every single one, but let’s just say I probably should own stock in Shutterfly. Especially since having Small Fry. I cannot stop taking pictures of this child!

When I discovered one of my new favorite blogs, I Should Be Folding Laundry, I was THRILLED to see Beth’s weekly “You Capture” photo challenge.

She designed it to inspire people to pick up their cameras and be creative. Or, for those like me who sleep with our cameras under our pillows, “You Capture” gives us a little focus. A theme to think about while firing away each week.

This shot of Small Fry is my entry for this week’s challenge: FUN.

I took it on our boat outing Sunday. She was playing with her dad, being silly. I love how you can just barely see him in the background. He’s holding up the sides of her hat, messing with her.

The smile, the cheeks, the shades — the awesome memory. It’s one of my favorite shots of the two of them.

Until, you know, I take 50 more tomorrow.



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  1. Cute picture, looks like she was having fun 🙂

  2. ADORABLE! What a cutie:)

  3. ha, i can completely relate. photography is addictive in the worst way, and besides, who can fault us when we have such gorgey subjects? 🙂

  4. I also sleep with my camera. Maybe there should be a PA (photographers anonymous). 🙂

  5. I love those sunglasses, so adorable!

  6. love the sunglasses!!

  7. Very nice. I have lots of photos of my kids on our boat using the same 110 film type camera!

  8. Suzanne, for cheap prints, check out Love the photo!

  9. What a great grin!

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