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Today’s guest blogger is the lovely Mandy from harper’s happenings. Her writing just makes me smile.

And she’s wacky. Which is a huge plus in my book.

The haps has fast become one of my go-to daily reads. Not only does she post gorgeous photos and hilarious videos of the ADORABLE Harper (those eyelashes!), she also writes funny stuff, like about egg-laying monkeys.

I can tell from reading her blog for just a few months that she is a loyal friend, a super-mama and one HILARIOUS chick. Honest. You will not be able to get through one of her posts without at least a chuckle.

The only problem with this girl? She lives on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the country. So I’m really stoked to meet her at BlogHer.

I might never be the same.


happiness is:

  • coffee. hot, steaming, in-a-mug coffee.
  • my daughters nap time.
  • equally, my daughters awake time.
  • getting out of a really hot shower and getting into a bed with cold sheets.
  • getting a blog comment from someone who just found my blog.
  • finding a new blog that rocks my world.
  • then reading their blogroll.
  • brand new crayons [so hard not to steal them from Harper…]
  • that accomplished feeling after cleaning the house and it’s all fresh and new.
  • birthdays.
  • popcorn with Johnny’s seasoning all over it.
  • a good cry.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS [learned recently that it is Brussels not Brussel]
  • twitter friends.
  • when my husband gets home from work.
  • naps. oh naps…i heart you. [for me, not for my kid]
  • getting mail. real mail, not bills. bills are boo.
  • scratch tickets.minus the mess they make.
  • bloody mary’s. the spicier, the happier. also, the more “things” that are stuffed in the glass the better.
  • cream cheese frosting.
  • oh, and whale pajamas, of course.



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  1. I love doing bingo scratch offs. Don’t even care if I win. I just LOVE doing them :].

  2. Like today, when I followed a tweet from Miss Mandy and it lead me here! Happiness!

  3. I LOVE getting mail. But I never get jack. Unless I buy something on eBay or Amazon. Meh. That picture. is. FABULOUS.

  4. i love real mail, there’s nothing quite like physical correspondence from friends.

    and harper’s eyelashes, i love those too.

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