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If you want to learn all there is to know about kids (babies, too) and the great outdoors, Melissa from adventuroo is your girl!

Whether or not they’re on a hiking trail, she gets her kids outside. Often.

I met Mel through my pal Heather, who you’ll get to know later on today. And, boy, am I glad I did.

We became fast friends over a mutual interest in blogging, pad thai and getting out and about in this beautiful state of ours. Mel gave birth to her second son this winter and still managed to find the time to plan our next bloggy girls’ night out.

In other words, she’s the bomb.


Happiness is…

The adventure that a three year old feels when he’s trekking through nature. The adventure of finding woodland critters. The adventure of discovering a shallow pond with fish.

The calm that a newborn feels while watching trees sway in the wind. The calm from being carried close to mama. The calm from taking in the fresh air.

One hike. Two perspectives. Now THAT’S happiness.



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  1. Love this! That loving gaze is nothing but pure happiness for mama and baby 🙂

  2. Love it! Great blog, too. I’d agree w/ you on just about everything except the bacon. Sorry, I’m a vegetarian! 🙂 Found you via Twitter, BTW.

  3. Love this! Thanks, Roossss….:)I agree with you about the bacon, the calm, and the sway, and….well, more. Have a great weekend…

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