Happiness is: Belly to Butterfly

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Our last guest blogger (but not least) is my little sis!

Laura has been lending her voice to pretty*swell as author of Belly to Butterfly, and I’ve loved her presence on this site. Her tales of new motherhood are relatable, tender and funny. And that niece she made for me is a total dreamboat.

Laura is also something of an Internet celebrity, after penning a post titled “Boob Fest,” which much to the dismay of its readers, is about breastfeeding. And doesn’t have any photos.

Most of this blog’s traffic can be attributed to that single entry.

BOOBS. Bring it.

Laura is one of the most creative people I know, and she’s about to dazzle us all with her very first blog. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the launch (perhaps with a handmade giveaway? hint, hint).

Sis, thanks for holding down the fort this week! For the record, you hold a special place on my “happiness is” list.



Happiness is…

– the color green

– having control of Pretty Swell for the week (insert Dr. Evil laugh here)

– delicious and beautiful food:

a $5 pool:

-holding onto that warm & fuzzy vibe you get after watching a good movie, reading a great book or having a lively chat with a close friend

-seeing the Stone’s “Shine a Light” film…at an outdoor theater…with my dad…in the rain

-knowing that happiness doesn’t last, but that being content does

-bocce on the beach (preferably at sunset):

-sitting in the kitchen talking with my grandmother

-replaying the first week I started dating my husband

-my mom’s laugh (my favorite thing Suzanne and I inherited…besides our appreciation for meatballs):

-that “Pretty In Pink” moment of life where you turn yourself around & start kicking some butt

-introducing my daughter to new things, like sand:

-doing the snake in public:

-posting funny pictures of my sister on her blog while she’s outta town

(this time doing the robot):

-wishing you all a fantabulous weekend!



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  1. OMG! Thank you, Laura, for posting those photos of Suzanne. I so needed a laugh today. (not that I am laughing at you, Suzanne. Really, I’m not. *snicker*)

    If I gave one of my brothers control of my blog they would post photos of me that I thought I had burned long ago.

  2. Those moves were white-hot. You just can’t tell from the photos.

    Nice, sis. 🙂

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