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Traveling with Small Fry was just awesome. I loved every single moment of our little adventure together. Especially getting to catch up with her Auntie Julie, who is one of my very best friends.

In as few words as possible (because I am about to knock you over the head with photos), here are my favorite things about our trip:

holding Small Fry’s hand in the airport

her astonished gaze out the airplane window

Small Fry toting her hot-pink Dura rollerboard suitcase stuffed with treasures

sleeping with the windows open

hamburgers and draft beer at the American Legion

getting to live for a week in an ADORABLE 1940s-era bungalow

not having to blow-dry Dolly P (she just let it all hang out)

snuggling with Small Fry in her bed

soft-serve ice cream at the Frosty Boy

hot chorizo queso dip

sitting on the porch at dusk watching the lightening bugs come out

Small Fry’s face when we told her she could watch a movie IN the car …

… and again at the zoo when she stared with amazement at seals swimming the backstroke just inches from her face

a pot-luck lunch with THREE different types of deviled eggs

Willie Nelson blasting on the radio as we drove through cornfields

visiting Julie’s father’s grave for the first time since his funeral four years ago

bacon-bacon dip with Ballreich’s potato chips (holla Ohio)

Small Fry hollering for “COOTER!” (Scooter) the dog

lemon cupcakes

watching my friend and my daughter bond

beautiful old barns

cornfields and sky as far as the eye can see

laughing at (and loving every minute of) the Bachelorette

Small Fry building a rock dam in the “river” at the zoo …

… and tickling the gorilla’s toes

homemade strawberry shortcake with local berries

listening to Small Fry whisper to her stuffed animals in the morning, waiting for me to get out of bed

the wave pool at Cedar Point

a church sign that read: “the impossible sometimes takes a little while”

the mechanized cow that, when Julie “milked” it, mooed so loudly that it scared the crap out of Small Fry

iced doughnuts from the Dough Box

lying in the grass

the Maumee River

hearing Small Fry spontaneously tell me “I love you, Mommy”

seeing Marc’s face at the airport



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  1. AWWW… are such a great photographer and storyteller, Suzanne! I feel like I went with you all….how precious SF is!!

  2. Looks like an awesome trip. I’ve been dying to hear how it all went!

  3. Loved looking at pics of you, Julie and precious one. Miss all you girls so much. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow…what amazingly gorgeous pictures. Couldn’t have given a better account of your trip. Julie…love the house! And the hair! Like how her dog is peeking out of the house at S.F. in the grass. What a great time…thanks for sharing!

  5. That looks and sounds like a great trip! It’s so great to hear the good of traveling with a young kid.

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome trip! Hope we can get together soon :).

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  8. What a fun time! Small Fry is too adorable. And so is your new cut. There’s nothing better than bonding time with old friends. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. So where exactly did you visit in Ohio? It looks nice.

    • Deputy: it was a tiny town in the NW corner, called Napoleon. The locals say “Nuh-PO-yun.” So I felt like a big dork every time I said na-pole-ee-un. Didn’t really think I had a southern twang til I spent time up there. 🙂

  10. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I’m so glad it went smoothly despite your worries. Oh, and can I go visit your friend b/c her house looks amazing – just my style.


  11. Ahhhhh, loved this post!! What a special girl’s trip. Do you feel like you bonded with Small Fry more during this week?

    • Andrea: Totally. It was an incredible bonding experience. Just us two on an adventure. It was more awesome than I’d expected! How about you? Is Bresho getting used to to life in Columbia?

  12. […] table is an antique that Julie found for me and drove here all the way from Ohio. I love the shape, the character and all of the […]

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