In which I explain that blinky icon. And beg.

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I feel like I’m back in 6th grade, campaigning for student government. Which I hated doing. Not the actual serving as officer, but the asking for votes.

I am NOT GOOD at asking for stuff.

And I’m in the minority of bloggers who hate attention.

Case in point: every single one of my wedding and baby showers made me squirm. And when I walk into a room filled with people, I have to swallow back a wave of panic and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

These are things about myself that I want to change.

I’ve actually been working for quite a while on being more fearless.

That’s why going to BlogHer alone is a HUGE step for me. And starting this blog was an even huger step.

Because what is a blog if not a giant light shining on your life, right?

Sooooo, back to that blinky button over there on the right. I’ve discovered this wonderful community of fellow moms who blog, and I want in! Some of my favorite people are there, and I’m meeting new ones pretty much every day. These friendships, as weird as it may sound to make friends on the interwebs, have become a wonderful part of my life.

Here comes the ask.


If you’d be so kind as to vote for me, I’d be so grateful! You could actually vote for pretty*swell every day if you want (Mom). Just click on that button, and then once again.

Two clicks for pretty*swell!  As Small Fry would say, hip hip hooray! (This is my new favorite expression of hers. So old-school. Love it.)

Unlike my 6th-grade campaign platform that boasted longer recess and hot dogs for lunch every day, the only promise I can make here is that your vote would make me really, really happy. And it would expose pretty*swell  to a lot more people.

You guys are the reason this little ol’ blog is chugging along and heading into some exciting new territory. Thank you!

P.S.  Epic vacation photo post coming soon. Can’t wait for you to see these shots! Mostly of Small Fry and food. But, hey.



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  1. Just voted for you sis…you certainly deserve to be on the list! P.Swell has been an awesome place for me to go to catch my breath and look forward to what’s to come with Baby O! Thanks.

  2. Voted for ya! I have one little suggestion. You might want to move your blinky button closer to the top on your sidebar. It’s a bit of a scroll to find it.

    • Thanks, gals! And, Ann, thanks for the great idea! Let’s hope I can move the blinky button without crashing my site. 🙂

  3. Wish I could go. You’re going to have a blast. My webby now real life friend, Pam from outsidevoice is going. Meet her. You will LOVE her. Even though I’ve never met you, I just know you’ll get along with her. Then, you won’t be alone!

    Oh, get cards made, and bring purell or something cute to give away with them. trust me, you’ll want something with your name on it.

    • elz: THANK YOU for the advice. I’d just made a note to myself to try to find blogher tips on the web. Want to be as prepared as possible! Because I’m a nerd. And a newbie. Thanks again!

  4. I’m glad you’re in!
    p.s. I hate being on the spotlight too :S

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