Swell Stuff {Paper Cakes} + giveaway winner!

06/25/2010 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Bloggy, Swell Stuff | 4 Comments
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My new haircut is making me do all sorts of crazy things. Like surf Etsy shops for cute hair accessories. I think these pins would be darling on Dolly P.

Yes, you’re reading the blog of someone who named her haircut. Still friends?

I also love this, for when Dolly’s feeling fancy:

Or maybe this little lovely, for date night:

In other words, Dolly P and I have a new favorite Etsy shop: Paper Cakes.

And it’s not all hair stuff. There are home goods, like this funky vintage tea set, and jewelry that will make you smile, like this necklace. Oh, and these adorable pom-pom earrings.

I’m in trouble!

I blame Dolly.


The winner of the Moxie Kids giveaway is Jessica from The B Keeps Us Honest.
Congratulations, lucky lady! Happy shopping!!



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  1. The last one is perfect for my wedding!! Love the color :]

  2. I love your new haircut, by the way. I need to do something new with mine. I am kinda in a hairdo rut.

  3. Thanks, Amy! I can say firsthand that chopping it all off will bust up any rut. 🙂

    And, Andrea, I cannot wait to see your wedding day get-up. Will be gorgeous, I know.

  4. LOVE that teal one! It is gorgeous!! 🙂

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