In between naps

07/11/2010 at 11:05 pm | Posted in family, just plain fun, Love, oh the places we go, Small Fry | 8 Comments

We had one of those glorious weekends filled with good sleep, good food, awesome company, more sleep and more food.

In other words: a visit to my mother-in-law.

Small Fry even slept in. BOTH mornings! And now by typing this I have forever jinxed the possibility of it ever happening again.

Ah, well.

In between the sleeping and the eating, we enjoyed a fun outing to a local splash park. Our girl had a ball!

She steered clear of the little boys blasting water canons at each other, and cautiously stretched her hand out toward any spray of water taller than her little self. She’d venture no closer than two feet, arm outstretched, as if a jedi mind-trick would force the water to meet her fingertips.

But the tiny fountains? She loved them.

And the tiny-tiny fountains? She laid down in them.

Because why not, right?

We also made a stop for ice cream — vanilla with sprinkles of course — and came really close to getting a family photo where everyone is looking at the camera.

But those just aren’t as fun as shots like this one:

Back at her Bebe’s house, while mommy and daddy slept and read and watched soccer, Small Fry helped water plants, played with toys that her dad and auntie used to play with nearly three decades ago, danced, banged on the piano, bossed the dogs around and ate her weight in fresh peaches.

Generally? She loved every minute of it.

Oh, and speaking of peaches.

We’ve encountered three massive diapers today.

And counting.

(Thank you, Bebe for a wonderful mini-vacation! And also for taking all of these lovely photos.)


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  1. Looks like a relaxing weekend. I love the sleep at my mother in laws house. It has special powers of depth and peace.

  2. Ahh I love it! Makes me want to go lay down in a fountain 🙂

  3. now i’m craving peaches…hopefully they won’t have the same effect on me! great, summery, relaxed post sis. glad you guys had a great time!

  4. These pictures are so awesome! I love how she just plopped down in the fountain! I also have a cautious one. He would be steering clear of all the wild kiddos. Soak up your MIL and the gift that she is to Small Fry!!! (I’m at my in laws house right now actually… for 2.5 weeks!)

    • Thanks, y’all, for the sweet comments! Wish every weekend could be so relaxing!

  5. It sounds blissful… Can I borrow your MIL?

  6. Oh I just love the pic of you three! You guys look so dang happy!

    Looks like the fountains were a hit! Mine is kinda scared of them… it took a while to warm up but then he liked them (mostly).

  7. What a fabulous weekend!

    (and my oh my — too many peaches!!)

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