When just saying no isn't enough

07/15/2010 at 11:40 am | Posted in just plain fun, Small Fry, videos | 12 Comments

Like every other toddler on the planet, Small Fry’s go-to word is no. Actually it’s more like NO! with extra decibels for emphasis.

She loves to say NO!

It can be over any little thing.

Like putting on pajamas. Or shoes. Or simply changing gears from one activity to the next.

My life has become an endless string of negotiations with a two year old who deftly (and often) plays me like a fool.

Mostly, NO! rears its ugly head at mealtime. This kid thinks that any new food we offer her is going to taste like poo. And it’s not just vegetables. She has rejected without tasting: pancakes with syrup, whipped cream, cantaloupe, chocolate cookies.


She’s so skeptical of anything new on her plate that she bellows a swift NO! and whips her head around so the atrocity can’t get anywhere near her mouth.

Yesterday, though, she broke into song.

The No Song.

Because, you know, if you can’t get your point across by shouting, you might as well sing, right?


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  1. Funny… I think i might have sung a very similar song in my youth. It’s sad that most of my moms memories of me for a short period revolve around my use of the word “no”! 🙂

  2. Gotta find the humor in those situations! I found it in the bedtime routine last night when Ian wouldn’t pee on the potty before bed. I needed a mommy timeout and left him upstairs screaming. He decides to chase me around the house telling me he isn’t going to potty. I started laughing at the situation since there was a naked 3 year old chasing me around the house instead of the other way around.

  3. Wow…that’s a real no, isn’t it?! Like the extra emphasis at the end…Beyonce, her girl, would be proud!

  4. Love that! At least she sings it with a smile.

  5. Oh my, Toddlers! I can’t help but smile a little even when my son says “no” more times than I can handle, because it pronounces it “now” in his little toddler accent.

  6. omg that is hilariously cute.

  7. Awesomeness! We have a lot of “no” around here too.

  8. Love the last “no”. Silly girl!

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Suzanne, Suzanne. Suzanne said: My 2yo decided to break into song to get her point across: NO. Any other mamas of toddlers encountered this? http://bit.ly/buXEd5 […]

  10. This is so funny! I know what you are going through. Collin has come up w/ many of his own variations of “no” lately. I like Lily’s song.

  11. That is sooo funny! i love the sweet noo at the end. 🙂

  12. OMG!!! Love it!!

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