In love with the new NCMA

07/23/2010 at 10:26 pm | Posted in About town, snap happy | 8 Comments
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I can’t believe it’s taken me three months to check out the new North Carolina Museum of Art.

It’s stunning.

And a little weird. In a good way.

When you drive up, it looks like a futuristic cluster of giant metal boxes. But what you can’t tell from the outside is that most of the walls are actually windows. The place is flooded with natural light from just about every possible angle, and it’s really beautiful.

I also can’t believe that I forgot to bring my camera.

It’s the one thing (besides my child) that usually comes with me everywhere, and I leave it at home. So these collages are brought to you by my phone. And picnik. I heart picnik.

My favorite part of the museum is the Rodin sculpture garden. Small Fry loved the reflecting pool and got a kick out of watching dragonflies hover over the lily pads.

But since it was about eleventy bajillion degrees here today, and we had a sleepy toddler and hungry infant in tow, we didn’t stay long.

On our way out we caught our reflections overhead, and I snapped off a quick shot. Small Fry was enthralled and kept waving “hi” to everyone, neck craned, as if we weren’t standing right there beside her. And check out baby O’s face in that stroller shot. Looks a little skeptical of her cousin behind the wheel. Love it.

And new Museum of Art, I love you. Can’t wait to go back.



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  1. 1) Awesome phone pics! and 2) I haven’t been either and it looks awesome!

  2. And let me just say awesome one more time! Awesome!

    • You are too funny! Thanks!!

  3. I still haven’t been to the new museum either. Thanks for the preview!

  4. love your new collage style…great little glimpses. had a fun time at the museum and loved it when small fry thought the modern recycled materials sculpture looked like mac n’ cheese!

    • Oh — how could I have forgotten to include that?! One of the best Small-Fry-isms yet!! Thanks for adding it here, sis!

  5. I still need to go, too! Maybe when it cools off, though! Thanks for the pics. Everything I have heard about it is wonderful!

    • You will LOVE it, with your design “eye.” Let me know when you go — curious to hear your impressions.

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