07/26/2010 at 10:22 pm | Posted in Small Fry, snap happy | 4 Comments

I take so many photos, it’s easy for me to forget what I’ve saved to the computer. Really, it’s easy for me to forget pretty much EVERYTHING. I think my short-term memory is on vacation somewhere far, far away. If I don’t write a thought down the very moment it sprints across my brain, I can all but guarantee that it will disappear forever. Or until, you know, three in the morning when I fumble for my bedside notepad and scribble it down in the dark. Which inevitably wakes the hubs and the dog. So I figured I should share this photo of Small Fry right now so that everyone can sleep tonight.



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  1. So sweet! I have only recently started keeping notepad open on the computer so I can write ideas down as they come. Sometimes I have even forgotten it on my way from the kitchen sink to the keyboard!

    • Seriously! It amazes me how quickly I forget things. Can we blame it on our children? 🙂

  2. she is beautiful.

  3. She looks a lot like you in this one!

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